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Just become a level 1 seller!


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It’s been a day after getting level 1 as I write this.

It’s a big thank you to the forum. People on the forum. Sellers. Mods and buyers. Everyone.

The forum has been a really important source for letting me reach here. I initially started out with Kindle Direct Publishing services. But for a long time I (and i mean some 3-4 months) I didn’t happen to see any growth. Though today I think I am doing fine, but still I’ve yet to go through that good to great process.
Before coming here I used to look at Fiverr only from 1 service point of view. But the fact is that it’s because of some other work I made and sold as a gig that has been essential to bring me to Level 1. Diversification is new normal.
Now I think I have to move over to more and newer horizons. I’m going to use and contribute to this forum extensively along with my journey on Fiverr.
There is so much experimentation to do, so many things to be accomplished. It’s so many more miles to go and goals to be reached.
Thank you everyone!

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