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So, what exactly is it?

Guest madamelisarose

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Guest madamelisarose

Now, I did not think getting people to buy your gigs would be THAT hard. Yes, hard but not this bad (in my case, haha). I have two gigs that are pretty common maybe, but I think all of them, in general, are very good! I guess it’s because they see that someone is new and doesn’t have feedback yet, so they’re a little hesitant because they’re spending their money? 😦

What does it take?

P.S: I have seen a lot of people say that the new version of Fiverr has made them lose lots of sales, I’m not sure if that’s my issue here being that the last time I was on Fiverr was about 1-2 years ago [if anyone is curious, I offered gigs where I’d advertise links/music on my Twitter account that now has 15k followers, so it was decent].

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