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How to use dot symbol in my Gig title..?


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Hello Members,

I’m a New Seller in Fiverr Workspace. I’m creating my Gigs for sell, recently i am facing a problem. I want to use dot( . ) symbol in my title.

Here is my title,
I will create or update ASP.Net MVC web application

but fiverr show me this error ( Title contains illegal characters ) all the time when i want to save my Gig.

But the interesting thing is that there is already lots of Gigs which used dot ( . ) and comma ( , ) in there Gigs. So why not i can’t use this symbols in my Gigs title…?

Note: I’m already read fiverr policies, but they mention that i can’t use dot ( . ) and other symbol at the end of the title.!

Please help me. there is no way to create my Gig title with out dot ( . ) symbol.

Thank you. ☺️

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The answer is you can’t use a full stop/period/dot symbol in a gig title.

You can use the word “dot” (eg. asp dot net) or just leave it out (eg. asp net).

uk100 you are wrong, have a look


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Thanks. That’s interesting. I hadn’t seen that.

I think it’s because that’s a very old gig, created in 2011 or 2010, so at that time there was probably no rule against adding a full stop/period in the title. So they’ve kept the existing gigs the way they are but new gigs probably can’t add it due to the new validation check.

See if you can find a gig with a full stop/period in the title that was created this year. I’m guessing there won’t be any.

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.co domains launched at 2012

you might be correct

I do not have chance to check GIGs by their date.

Thanks anyway

I do not have chance to check GIGs by their date.

You can check by the “Member Since” date of the seller instead. eg. you could check if there are gigs where the seller started recently (eg. 2019 or 2020) who have a gig with a full stop/period in the gig title. I don’t think there will be any.

Another way to check the approx reation date of a gig is through archive . org where you can see if a gig was still there a long time ago (eg. in 2011 like that last one was).

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