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Going to Vacation Mode


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It’s not often I use the vacation mode button - but I saw no other way out of this. I have several large projects I have to contend with this week and would like to concentrate on those.

I decided to go on vacation mode starting today and focus on those projects, and I’ll get back to work after my surgery - I have it marked for June 26, but it could be sooner than that. It all depends on how quickly I can heal from the abdominal surgery. Years of patience, working out, eating right, setting funds aside and getting the dr. to convince the insurance company to chip in has allowed me to have this surgery.

I am beyond ecstatic - so I’ve decided to enjoy this time. Finish up what I have in my queue (minus one project) and focus on a good time and rest and then rest and recover afterward. I also need to make a few “make-ahead” meals, so no one starves around here or we’re just having greasy food all the time (which would not bold well.)

As I would normally do with my FB posts, “BRING IT ON!”

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