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Need advice. Cheated by buyer

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Hi, There is a buyer who ordered a video from me some time back. She instructed me to copy a existing video made by other company in same business as her’s.

When I delivered she kept on requesting revisions. She also tried to trick me by cancelling order when she got her video. But as order was automatically marked as completed so she couldn’t do it.

She contacted CS also they also denied her refund.

Now she has me left a negative review saying I had done a terrible job and just copied a video. And I was tracking here on social media.

I found that she has shared video created by me on her business FB Page. If it was terrible job as she said in her review. Why she is using it.

Please advise me how can I get that negative review from my Gig page. CS is not doing that already contacted them.

If it cannot what should be my comments against her review. So that my prospective buyers can understand what was the issue.

Looking forward to your comments.

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The buyer has ordered from Fiverr before and to the majority of orders they have given 5-star reviews. If they weren’t happy with your work then there’s not much you can do. Only CS can remove the review, but they are reluctant to do that and if they already said no then that’s it.

I’m afraid, there’s nothing we can do to help you

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