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Newbie Tips on how to make your GIG popout!


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Hello Newbie Fiverr Members.

I just wanted to write up a little info about how you can improve your gig with Fiverr V2. I think what fiverr has done here with their website is outstanding. Im a website developer and designer, from my professional prospective, fiverrs V2 is a massive leg up in the right direction. However some people feel that the new V2 has done them harm in some way or another, while others seem a little confused.

Fiverr has in the past shown members how they can improve their gigs, so maybe what I am saying here is nothing new, but then, anyone who is reading this, may feel it will benefit them in some way. Please note, my suggestions are simply suggestions, I am not sharing my advice on the basis you will think you will get 100 sales, if you do get a increase, after making the gigs or making changes to your gig in light of this information, then feel free to come back and make a comment if I was able to help! I would appreciate that…

Ok, so down to business!

Tip Number 1

Title Your Gig Accordanly

The title of your gig is going to be extremely important here, you must remember that the title of your gig becomes the URL. So If your gig is offering to make little baby booties that you knit yourself, then you should consider a Title like: I will… "make a pair of hand Knitted baby booties"for $5!. Be straight to the point and descriptive about what you will do. Simple as that!

Tip Number 2

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

Thats right folks. When it comes to images they are a powerful marketing tool. You can simple tell a story with the right images, take a moment to think about your gig and what message you want to get across. Emotional selling is something to think about, how can your gig help the buyer? With your images, you then can add some text for your message. Fiverr allows you to have three (3) images and one (1) video attached to your gig. Think outside the box for a minute… HOW MUCH REAL ESTATE IS THAT? Honestly it is HEAPS!

  1. Images should be of a relative high quality, so they crisp and clear.
  2. Choose images that are related, that help tell your story.
  3. Keep your text on the images descriptive to your offer only - short yet descriptive.
  4. If you have done work before, take some pics of your best work or screen shots and use these, as your work will speak for itself.
  5. Create a video or slideshow of more of your images to use for your video - a 30 second video can have a lot of information in it - THINK about TV commercials, how much information is in a short commercial that gets the message across?
  6. Lastly - Name your images and videos relating to your gig. Img Example: Pink-Knitted-Booties(DOT)jpg
  7. Optional: add a little music (on low) behind the video or slideshow and/or add your own voice to tell your buyers what they will be getting and the benefits. (if you dont want to use your own voice, seek out someone on fiverr to complete a voice over for you)

    Tip Number 3

    Be VERY descriptive

    In our new and improved V2 of Fiverr, sellers now have the ability to use a little WYSIWYG editor. This for me was very exciting, because layout is very important for easier readability. Space your paragraphs correctly, Use headings and bold them. Give a opening short paragraph on who you are targeting, for instance: Hand Knitted Baby Booties… Maybe it will start like this…

    Satisfaction Guaranteed - 100% pure wool hand knitted baby booties will keep your little precious babies feet warm in the winter months. I have been knitting for over 25 years for mums and dads in my local town, I am offering my talent and services to fiverr members by hand knitting your baby booties to help keep their little babies feet warm. I only use 100% wool in array of different colours, unlike socks, my hand knitted baby booties are thick and very warm and soft on your babies skin without any irritations… BLAH BLAH…

    Then Add some next paragraphs of what you are willing to do. Perhaps you had different knitting types, or combinations etc etc… Just give your paragraphs space, and make a couple of heading to help people indentify what messages your trying to convey across.

    Use your title or very similar words only a couple of times through the description.

    Tip Number 4

    Tagging is searching

    Tagging is one of the most important features in your gig. Tagging helps been found in the search results. You dont need to use words twice in any combination, just use the words once, so choose what audience you are targeting, it could be businesses, or music artists, or babies. For Hand Knitted Baby Booties, I would most likely use - knitting, booties, babies, socks, hand knit.

    Really think about this, if you really get stuck, go and take a peek at some of the successful sellers on fiverr and see how they are tagging their gigs! It may help.

    Tip Number 5

    Choosing the right categories

    Be sure to place your gig in the correct categories, you dont want to end up the river without a paddle. It important to be found in the right location. So choose what is or what is the closest related category to what you are offering. This way when people are search for your type of services they will find you in the category that you are in, your chances of obtaining more buyers will be increased.

Continue reading my next comment for the more tips

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Tip Number 6

Be Realistic

Make sure you give yourself enough time to deliver a order, if you can do your knitting in one day, thats great! But if you get many orders come in, knitting one pair of booties in 1 day is ok, but knitting 20 pairs in one day may give you some trouble. Sure, buyers want things fast, and we want to give them fast, but make sure you realistic in your time frames. Better to have the order set at 2 or 3 days and deliver in 1 then being late and possibly having a customer cancel with negetive feedback if you understand my meaning.

Tip Number 7

Always be a professional

Yep! you heard it! So many people need to be told about being professional - sellers, even buyers! Great customer services would have to one of the most important things here. How you handle your customers will greatly effect your feedback comments. ALWAYS be polite, even if you have some upset customer. ALWAYS spend a little extra time typing up any message responses to your customers inquires, in any kind of messaging to them, use the correct spelling and grammer, space out your sentances and paragraphs correctly and ALWAYS be helpful. Trust me, it goes a long way! If you communicate well with buyers, your changes have increased on great feedback, great rating and return/repeat customers. You are the hand that feed them, you want them coming back! Feed them well!

Tip Number 8

Over Deliver

Sure your only getting $5 bucks for each gig. But these all add up. Deliver your gig like your customer has paid you $100. Over deliver to them, giving them value will certainly show in their feedback comments, when others see those comments, they may order on the spot, or they may simply collect your order for another day when they are ready to make a order. Either way, your gig will be on their list. And others will see it as their collection. Your gig will be shared about easier. So dont worry about the $5 bucks, worry about delivering on time, Giving your customer value, provide exceptional support, and professional work (even if it just holding a sign for someone!)

Tip Number 9

Marketing your gig

Now you have your gig all setup, its time to share it “everywhere!” Go to all your social networks, tell everyone about your gig, email your business friends and clients about your gig. I even created a FB page based on my gig with my gigs link on it and all my examples of work. If you are in some groups and you are allowed to mention this sort of thing, do so! Add it to your forum signatures if your are allowed. Where ever possible, let everyone know, and do it every now and then (without the need to over killing yourself)

Tip Number 10


Now, its time to enjoy yourself. Feel satisfied you have covered everything, be consistant in checking your fiverr so you wont be late in any deliveries. And enjoy seeing some orders come through, if you find your gig is not doing so well, maybe try another type of service if all is lost and GOOD LUCK!!!

I hope you find this useful when getting started!



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Great tips! I agree with everything you’ve written, but one area in which I’ve run into a bit of trouble is creating captivating images for my gigs.

My area of specialization is writing and editing, so the imagery tends to run a little dry. I am an expert at resume and cover letter writing, but I am struggling with how to represent that in an engaging way though my gigs.

You are absolutely right that a picture says one thousand words, so I’d really like to make as strong an impact as possible. If you have any ideas or pointers they would be much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to help newbie fiverrs like me!

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Everything written is just great and can really help in getting more orders. As a new seller, I think good feedback is the key to attain more orders and that is why I am offering 2 articles or blogs of 400 words in one gig. As a professional content writer, I understand that 2 articles for 1 gig is really cheap but i think to get a smooth start as a seller, it is worth a try. What you think guys??

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Reply to @topwriting:

Finding images are a mile long for your gig. Think about a job seeker wanting the perfect job! What I visualise is a image of a young man or woman with a folder in their arm shaking the hand of the “boss”… You know like they are meeting for the first time for a interview…

A image like that, shows that the person who is seeking your writing skills to help them have a professional resume and cover letter that will be of great assistance on first impressions for the desired job they are after, it is a great way to start for your gig! IT will also show confidence (as we all know how we feel in interviews) So you would be adding in an emotional connection with a image like that.

Maybe that may start the flow of your thinking juices!

And yes, some of your own samples would be a great combination also! Thanks @matt_garry

Good Luck!



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Reply to @writerndesigner:

Your thinking is good. Over deliver!! If you over deliver buyers will see that great feedback from all the happy campers who order from you. When people know they are getting value from someone, others tend to want a peice of the pie as well, and it becomes a snow ball effect.

Good luck!



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Guest tn5rr2012

Great tip! My tip is to create a gig that is your passion, not just because it seems to be the popular thing going right now. I created my family tree gig around my life long hobby and I love what I do, which makes it enjoyable and fun. That is the key thing, HAVE FUN!

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Great tips, thanks auws, and to your readers that gave their six pence =D> I have a question I am trying to get answered, maybe someone here will help me:

I am only able to upload 3 images (+video) to each of my Gigs, but I see that most sellers have dozens of them. I would like to have samples of my works delivered to satisfied customers. Or are we talking about something different?

Thanks for any help :">

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Thanks for your reply pcbisly - So I guess that it only works if my Gigs would be for delivering images, like a logo or Facebook page, for example. Is that right? My Gigs are for translations, advertising to my social networks, on my blog, web content, etc … :-w

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All the tips are great! I just have one question. Almost all of my Facebook friends are teenagers like me and they wouldn’t care about my Gig.

How am I supposed to promote my Gig?

Also, is something wrong with my Gig here?


I’ve got only 1 order so far. 😕

I’d be really grateful if you could give me some further advice.


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This is one of the best posts that I have ever come across in this forum. A sure shot way to succeed on Fiverr V2. Learned alot from it. I pretty much have done everything that you listed here except for utilizing all 3 picture slots.

I am gonna work on it now.

Great Post 😃

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