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Why a lot of old buyer requests?


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Hello guys,

I hope you all are doing great, i have a question related to buyer requests. I mean whenever i opened my buyer request there are like a lot of requests and most of them are very old so why don’t fiverr removed these. Are these useless or should we apply to these requests too? New requests come very less!
Anticipating a response,

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Some time buyers hit directly sellers when they need service, but if a seller need unique service then he/she will post request in buyer’s request.

According to above statement, some categories give more requests but some show less. To keep the buyer request session populated, fiverr keep the old reqests too.

To overcome this eg if you have three gigs of same niche then place all these three gigs to three different categories to get more requests. It is useless to place three gigs under one category only.

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