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Negative review in your gig and Solution

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Negative Review:
At the point when purchasers are not happy with the nature of occupation rendered them, they would dependably give a negative review. This thus influence deals and can likewise bring about a slight drop in your Gigs query item.
For as much as you can, simply over convey your gig. Ensure purchasers are 100.1% over-happy with your Gig.

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100.1%? That’s a remarkably anal metric for overdelivery. Why not try 110%, or even 200%

That and ensure that no matter what the outcome that your hatchet is bigger than theirs. Imagine that you are a gentleman in a shower with other gentleman (smooth jazzy music) and you’re all checking each others wangs out.

You want to be King Wang the Wangiest so you can outwang the real wang.


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