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The best process to get a Unique, Creative design from Sellers (Logo & Name Branding)


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Are you sure…? when you received your order is that Unique, Creative or Similar with your business nature…

As per the working practical experience you can memorizing that way to get 100% Unique product…

  1. Make it clear about your product description to seller
  2. Text and discuss with seller
  3. Give some idea that you want
  4. Share some thing that you have in your mind
  5. Collect the sample of your product
  6. Check in online that is in available or not in the market
  7. Think it to nature of your business product
  8. Read the language of your product
  9. Eye-catching or not
  10. Simple & smart
  11. Family-er or not
  12. Take a file that your needed in present or future
  13. Make a good relation with sellers if you are happy to have it.

Best of luck

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