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For old fiverr sellers over here


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Hello ! my sweet global buddies
today i want to get feedback about something

asking you some questions
just out of curiosity not to offend you ,i’m sorry if i do
when have you joined fiverr ?
why you’ve joined as well?
when did you start to gig orders?
and final question
did you get the bucks plan target over seller profile
more 1000$ per month?
i wanna listen your stories
please share your experience
thanks for caring

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I’ll be straight with you. With hard work, dedication and enough resilience, you’ll easily be making more than $1000 on Fiverr. I made a similar amount this month and hopefully things will only go up from here. Again, it’s all about dedication and hard work.
I’ve been “active” on Fiverr for almost a year now.

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My list of things I think you are asking. But you didn’t directly ask. 🙂

When I started, It could have been said that the market was already saturated, but I was able to break through.

I did for $5.00 what my competitors were doing for $25.00. I delivered in 24 hours when they were taking 3-5 days.

After I completed 100 discounted gigs, I changed my pricing to $25.00 and continued to make sales.
Transitioning and changing prices will work. You will not be stuck.

I can make $50-$100 per hour on Fiverr. It is about positioning your offer and your skills.
I didn’t try this until I realized that it would work.

I am a TRS but my highest months were as a level 2 so nothing is stopping you from making it happen.
Don’t read anything deep into that. I also use to work 60 hours a week and now I work 25 hour per week.

It took me about 4-6 months to make over $1000.00 per month.

I can’t stress enough how important it was for my first 100 gigs to be $5.00 gigs. I spent 2-3 hours on each gig.
This got me 100 positive reviews in 60 days and fueled my launch on Fiverr. Any other plan has you slowly getting 6 order over your first 6 months.

I started off with 1-2 gigs. I didn’t have 20 gigs. 🙂 I still use 1 or 2 gigs.
I didn’t do buyers requests. I didn’t promote outside of Fiverr.
Those aren’t bad, I just happened to not do it.

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First time here was back in 2010 I think; Vacation Mood didn’t exist. During then I got two orders from one buyer and after a while things stopped coming in; I offered poetry writing services.

Came back couple years later and started again with an illustration gig - a single sale. Placed up different gigs here and there and took them down when things didn’t flow. Decided to switch to writing about same thing but am currently working on revamping current gigs.

Joined because I was looking for extra income to help with school.

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Welcome to Fiverr. Am not going to answer your question as I am not an oldie on Fiverr. While you wait for some replies I would just like to suggest that having looked at your gigs and your post I do not think that proofreading and translation gigs will be a success for you.

why not , i believe it will happen ,i’m even thankful for just adding them buddy>

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Joined in November 2016

Joined to learn stuff and earn a dollar or two.

Got first order just after the day I joined Fiverr. Lucky!

I’m actually very new to freelancing and don’t have plans of earning thousands.

are you happy about it?

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