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Illogical Things Buyers Do


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An order is deliver, the buyer doesn’t request a revision but orders a gig extra.

Then writes something like this:

““Hello Fastcopywriter, I liked your job but still not sure what to choose. Please try avoiding welding to see what you get. I m not sure if trademarks and domain are include in this second services, just let me know. Thank you.😊””

So what are the mistakes? Many.

  1. If you don’t know what’s included, ask. Better yet, if you had read the gig description, you would know what’s included.

  2. Never order gig extras after a delivery has been made. Your choices then are as follow.
    A. Demand a revision.
    B. Demand a refund.
    C. Rate the buyer with the star system (or not), then order again or message about how much a revision will cost.

When an order is delivered, it disappears from the seller’s main queue (priority orders). That forces the seller to play detective if he wishes to revise the order. That’s why the revision button is so important, they remind the buyer that the order isn’t complete yet.

I ask all buyers to spend a few minutes on the Fiverr Academy. The videos aren’t that long, and there’s lots of useful information.

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