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I need a vacation, a real, do nothing, bored outta my skull vacation with sprinkle of sightseeing


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Hold the phone. It’s not just Emmaki, I’m a fattist too.

This is not to say that I hate overweight people. However, there is a peculiar genus of German and Brittish tourist in the Med.

Like Emmaki says, examples of this tourist are lobster red and from my experience, swan around and squeeze themselves into chairs at beachside restaurants with everything rolling out like they are wearing their weight as a status symbol.

To put it simply, if these people were turkeys, you would probably want to run over and stick a pin in one to release the pressure before it explodes in the oven. You can’t do this, though, as these are actually people. People who in between beer, pies, and sausages, look like they just might eat skinny people so it’s probably best not to go near them if they look hungry.

Now I can’t stop rolling over 😂

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