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  1. Can I use the words gig or page in the client's message box? Such as : gi....g, pa...g, gig, page etc Will there be any problem with my account if I use the words gig and page in the client's message box? Please I need help.
  2. Is it possible to discuss the remuneration of the work with the client? As I say. As I said, talking to the client about remuneration like this can cause problems in the account? Please help me
  3. What kind of problems can I have if I edit this gig in such a situation? I want to make my gig image more awesome. Thanks
  4. Welcome and have a ni Welcome and have a nice day
  5. I can telling the buyer? Would like to know what a buyer thinks about my work skills etc please.
  6. Hello everyone, I have completed 2 order in November but didn't get any reviews from my clients till now. Is there any formal way to convince about a review?
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