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  1. It can't just be me that experiences inappropriate messaging on Fiverr, but when I browsed the forum this morning I couldn't find anyone discussing it. So here I am. It's exactly what you think it is - predominantly male users, some with female profile pictures (I suspect these are still males based on experience) appearing in my inbox asking for NSFW (not safe for work) content, asking how I am, can we be friends, mentions of underwear etc. I no longer reply to messages of simply 'Hi' or 'Hello how are you?' and have learnt to block those users immediately. But it bugs me. Of course it bugs me. If nothing else it's a waste of my time and attention. I'm a voiceover artist and I wonder whether (I suspect) female VO aritsts are more prone to this kind of messaging? Fiverr doesnt always feel like a safe, professional space and I wonder who among us share this experience. Just wanted to open this up for discussion. Its definitely not just me. 'Anna' (the fake name I use on Fiverr to retain anonymity for this very reason)
  2. So I'm a new and growing seller on the Fiverr platform, and my experience so far has been pretty good. However, one thing I can't seem to understand is how the inbox response time is calculated. I respond to every single message I get well within 24 hours, never more than that, but as of a few months ago I noticed that my response time randomly went from 1 hour to 2 hours. I didn't think anything of it because it didn't seem like that big of a deal, since I couldn't figure out anything that was changing on my part. But today when I logged in, I noticed that it now says 4 hours. That's ridiculous. Unless your login time on the Fiverr app counts towards the calculation, since technically you're always online with that, I could understand. But even then, even if I receive a message in the middle of the night when I'm asleep, I'm still responding within no more than 24 hours. It bothers me that as a new seller clients would think that I only respond every 4 hours, especially when that number seems to be increasing for no reason at all.
  3. Hi! I just noticed we get an update on Fiverr messenger that enables us to set up an instant reply whenever a potential buyer contacts us. I explored it and found it very interesting and hopefully it will be much fruitful. You can set up any message you want. But, it will only be sent to new enquiries and moreover, it does not have affect on your response rate. You still have to response the message to maintain the stats of "Response Rate" & "Average Reply Time". Cheers!
  4. A buyer recently messaged me regarding a request she needed done immediately and when I tried responding to it, it said that she was unavailable till a certain date and my messages were disappearing as soon as I sent them. Now she will never know that I actually did respond with a quote for her request and she may never seek my services again. This is really disheartening as a new Fiverr seller. Is there any solution to overcome this?
  5. Who did Such an Unmark show? I do not understand. please anybody help me?
  6. Greeting, My Gig getting clicks impression, but not getting enquiries and orders? Waht I do?
  7. Anyone else having issues with messages never showing as read? For weeks now, even after I read a message it shows as unread. And if I send a message, it shows as me having an unread message. AND it adds up with each message I send or receive...so some conversations show as 18 unread messages! Per support I tried clearing my cache but it didn't help. Any ideas?
  8. I created a gig, and since last week, I haven't received any message or order yet. I don't know what's going on 🥺😥
  9. Hey everybody, I am facing an issue.Yesterday i received a message from a buyer i tried to reply with app but when i go back to inbox list my message disappeared sadly. Then i try with desktop web app but still the same can anyone tell me what's going on? thanks!!!
  10. Hello, It has been almost a week, I have created an account. I have not received a single order yet. Can anyone help me with this? Can anyone look into my profile and share suggestions if needs any chagnes? Here is my profile link : https://www.fiverr.com/artizens I even tried almost 50 buyer's requestes and I have not even got a message. Additionally, I am not able to see any requested on the buyer request section even though I have almost 9 request pending for today. Thanks in advance
  11. Hi everyone! Sometimes there’s no notification when new clients writes me. It’s not on iPhone bug, it’s something with Fiverr’s notifications. What is happened?
  12. Hello, I recently decided to start up gigs on my profile (I kind of forgot about this place!). I put them on over the last couple of days and I've received two similar messages today. One of them I couldn't respond to the instant I went to look at it, and it got deleted by Fiverr I assume, but they were saying how they were employing writers etc. I just received another one saying the same thing and it appears to be an empty/new account. Is it safe to say these are spam messages and to report them as spam? Are there messages that should be taken seriously (I know some people on Fiverr employ people to do gigs for them)? Apologies for the dumb question. 😅 I'm just wondering if this is a well known issue or if it's against their rules. Thanks!
  13. Hi, While working as a freelancer good communication between seller and buyer is a must, but while working on Fiverr sometimes it creates a mess, like when you send a message the receiver don't know what is this message all about and it creates confusions, so I was just wondering why not Fiverr introduce a "reply to a particular message system" instead of this old conversational system. It will definitely helps the seller and the buyer to understand each and other effectively.
  14. Dear Fiverr Community One of my clients has requested me to share a sample draft for her project before creating the order. Can I share Google drive or Dropbox link in my messaged to her? Thank you!
  15. I just started as a new freelancer on the Fiverr platform and immediately came across an issue with the messaging system. Since I am new, I decided to quickly test a conversation with another known freelancer on Fiverr. Each response I gave disappeared and never made it to the receiver. About a day later, we discovered it was due to the other freelancer's status being unavailable. Once they had made their status available, I was able to have a conversation. The one problem I'm having with this is that my response rate is now 34 hours! There was nothing I could have done on my end to resolve this issue and now my newly-made profile is taking the hit. In aside from looking for a fix, is there a way my profile's stats can be reconciled due to this issue?
  16. Hi, the last weeks I stop receiving the messsages from customers in my cellphine. I already updated the app, but I still dont receive nothing when they write me. What can I do? Thanks.
  17. Hello community Friends, I am sawoda sumi working in fiverr from 2018. I was doing very well in these years. I have done 900+ orders and have 721+ positive reviews. I have done much work in November and December too as that time is not good for sellers for Holidays. But in this January and February I am really losing my clients and my Gig rank too. In this month I am not getting any clients and orders. is the problem only happening with me or its with everyone? I know some of my areas seller they also facing this problems. Please let me know how i can recover this. Thank you.
  18. Hi, I am Ava. Its been over 2 years since i joined fiverr and at starting I got 3-4 order and now I am facing a issue of recieving no response from the buyer. I have replied to offers ( 600 answered till now ) and even I respond with all details and about their work and pricing. Can anyone check my profile and tell me what I should have to do in order to recieve orders. Thank you in advance, Ava
  19. Hello! I would like to improve my gigs, make them more appealing to the buyers. My best performing gig is about website SEO. Could you please give me some advice on how to do it? Thank you in advance.
  20. Are fiverr notifications not working? I have not received any notifications about receiving orders, orders being marked as completed, receiving reviews or tips for the last 3 days. Same goes for my messages. I can see new messages on my dashboard, but not when I click on "messages" in the toolbar at the top of fiverr's page. Is anyone else experiencing this bug?
  21. I would like to send my client to Questionnaire(google Docs form), which includes some questions that I have prepared. May I send it?
  22. I feel like there is a lack of security. I feel like I'm being stalk. I notice alot of sellers have multiple accounts to stalk you just to make sales even after you tell them you not intrested because you already found someone else because there price was better but you don't necessarily tell them you found someone better because there price. You try be nice but they just don't seem to get it and keep bugging you till you have no choice but to block them. Even when you not looking for nothing no more you still get bomb with messages from random sellers but you notice it's from the same seller because they all try bribe you with the same links. Also I notice alot sellers like to scam. Putting up ridiculous amount for offers and hoping you fall for the bait and accept it and if you do your screwed because fiverr will only give you credit in the end and I notice I get that alot with people from **** or *****. Not racist or anything and one more thing I notice alot catfishes. They figure if they predent be a female they hope you will take there offer but they all send you same links and I always get hit on fiverr. Guys from India always asking me if I have a instagram or Facebook and ask for my location and age and phone number which makes me very uncomfortable and I don't even reply to them but like all sellers they constantly bug you until you block them and then they would then make a new account to harass you all over again. I would make a new fiverr account but I don't wanna lose all my feedbacks as a seller and buyer. My username here is not the same as my fiverr account for privacy reasons.
  23. Suggest.... I have not received any message from the client for the last one month or more. However, I have received some messages before, but I could not convert them to order. Now I do not understand what to do.
  24. Now it's happening with me! Suddenly no order, no buyer messages, no relevant buyer request list from this month. Don't understand the Fiverr Algorithm, don't find out the way of what should i do next! ................................................................... 😕
  25. Is there any problem? If buyer send zoom info for a meeting?
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