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Found 6 results

  1. Suggest.... I have not received any message from the client for the last one month or more. However, I have received some messages before, but I could not convert them to order. Now I do not understand what to do.
  2. Hey everybody, I am facing an issue.Yesterday i received a message from a buyer i tried to reply with app but when i go back to inbox list my message disappeared sadly. Then i try with desktop web app but still the same can anyone tell me what's going on? thanks!!!
  3. Now it's happening with me! Suddenly no order, no buyer messages, no relevant buyer request list from this month. Don't understand the Fiverr Algorithm, don't find out the way of what should i do next! ................................................................... 😕
  4. Is there any problem? If buyer send zoom info for a meeting?
  5. I do not send buyer requests, but still received messages from 4-6 clients but could not convert the order. But I have not received any client message for a few days, so what do I need to do now?
  6. I joined Fiverr in 2019 and I started selling my services on Fiverr almost 3 weeks now. (www.fiverr.com/gamalzaky) I'm having problems communicating through the Fiverr messages: 1- It has no voice message like up work .. Or video chat. How can I explain to my client the process in an easy way?! How can I be clear about their note?! 2- I'm a 10-years video editor so I know what and how to make my job done in the best way .. the fiver message is making it very hard and time-consuming My question is, Can I offer a zoom meeting to the client? Can I send them my WhatsApp number to be clear with their order? I'm not trying to steal the buyer or anyone, I just want to do my job in the best way I know. Can a Fiverr team member answer me?
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