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  1. somebody should help me anylsis of what is wrong with my gig, he has 1 click but i cant find it search page
  2. Hi great Fiverr sellers, please I don't the reason why my gig which was in frist page having click bit not have single message or order. Please check https://www.fiverr.com/s2/e3b912e93a
  3. I am very curious to know about what we should be doing to manage some time off as working constantly starts to take toll on the mind and body and taking a break becomes necessary. Last time I put my account on vacation mode and saw drastic negative impact on my gigs even after I became available. All my gigs de-ranked and the Promoted gig eligibility was taken back from my gig. So this time I am more cautious about how to manage this. I would really love to know some good suggestions from people who manage some time off with their family or friends while not impacting their Fiverr account.
  4. Hi! I just noticed we get an update on Fiverr messenger that enables us to set up an instant reply whenever a potential buyer contacts us. I explored it and found it very interesting and hopefully it will be much fruitful. You can set up any message you want. But, it will only be sent to new enquiries and moreover, it does not have affect on your response rate. You still have to response the message to maintain the stats of "Response Rate" & "Average Reply Time". Cheers!
  5. Please help me,I write a gig about 5fsys ago now and it's in newest arrival.how many day will gig will move from newest arrival to relevance page?
  6. Hi Everybody, I am looking forward for an answer related to creation of Portfolio which will appear on my gig page. Kindly let me know too - if it available for everybody or only selective sellers. Thanks a million!
  7. What I do My client Send email in my inbox? Buyer give me contact information This is correct!??? ( Whenever the buyer gives you any contact information, Just remind the buyer that it is against the fiver TOS(Terms of service) to do that actions and communicate outside of fiverr platform. )
  8. I am a new seller, I opened an account today and completed the profile. And when I submitted a gig, after 1 hour I got a message from fiver that they didn't approve my seller profile. I have given some pictures to see, My skill test is given and profile and full complete. Now I don't have the option to create a new gig. And I can't see the gig that was previously submitted. What should I do now? Everyone please help.
  9. Feeling happy today! Finally,fill up all requirements ! hope this month evaluation I will get Level 1 seller Thanks fiverr and fiverr community
  10. What is the benefit if a seller wants to open a business profile with a team member? And what is required to open it? If anyone has experience in this matter, please let me know the details. So that I can work feverishly with my team as I have a team of 10 people.
  11. Hey everyone, “My name is Jasmine and I have 7 completed gigs on Fiverr as a digital marketer. I want to help my client solve their issues." As I used the platform more, I realized that my services were not ranking above the other people. A recent study of mine showed that when outsourcing content creation, it is beneficial to find someone with a proven track record through Fiverr forums. I would love to figure out how you can help me. And my questions, does it my profile setup, keywords or Gigs. You can check my profile: https://www.fiverr.com/users/marketingjasmin/ Note in appreciation
  12. Hello Everybody! With the grace of Almighty Allah, I have fulfilled every requirement to be a TOP RATED SELLER about 6 months ago. As Fiverr hand pick TRS, thereby, I couldn't get the badge yet. Do you guys have any suggestions that will help me to boost my profile/gig. Of course, rank doesn't matter but, psychological speaking it gives you a relaxing feel when you see TRS BADGE on the profile. 😉😉 Anyhow, I wish everyone best of luck and praying for everybody to shine like stars. Cheers!
  13. Hello Fiverr pro's 😍 I hope you are well. I want to clarify about revision🤔. Sometimes, I have to keep 3/5 revisions in a particular order. But I think the client can take more revision & take advantage.😥 Did you face the same thing? If yes, then please share your experience. I'd love to hear from you.🖐️ TIA 🙏
  14. Hello everyone, I want to know, what should I do after creating a gig to get more orders? Please, let me know. Regards crowdpi
  15. Hello there, I am new to Fiverr. I am sending buyer request every day but I can't get any job yet. So for that I want to know how to write a good buyer request and get the job quickly. Please give me a good suggestion. Thanks
  16. Can anyone give me guidelines on how I can get the first Sell in Fiverr? I want your help. Thank you all.
  17. Actually I have seen many YouTube videos where people are using browser extensions to see buyers profile on Fiverr Buyer Request. Now, I'm in confusions can I use it or not. Bcz, it is very useful on Buyer Request. Is there any reason to be suspended bcz of using this?
  18. Hello everyone, I just joined fiverr since 3 weeks now. I have been editing and trying to get my profile to the first page but to no avail. I tried all the techniques but nothing. Please what do you suggest I do. Thank you.
  19. I am brand new to fiverr. I cant any client message. How can I get first order. please tell me.
  20. Every time I have an issue with a client and contact customer support they immediately do the best they can do! Are supportive and trying to do the best for the seller. Also they give accurate information on the issue and give advice to avoid the same mistakes. So I have to say if we are honest we can’t loose nothing and fiverr is on our side! Many thanks to customer support I feel safe as seller!
  21. One of my buyer wants my phone number. Should I share with them? I guess it is against the Rules and Regulations. Please guide.
  22. I am a new seller in fiverr. I upload 5 gigs on my profile. But non of the gig not appear in the first page. I need some instruction for how can I promote my gigs. Someone please give me some instruction. Thanks
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