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Found 18 results

  1. Hello everyone, Hope all are well ! I am well, too. I have a question, I hope an experienced freelancer can be able to answer it. How I can get orders or clients regularly or 2-3 in a week ? What steps should I take for it ? And What steps you takes for regular orders ? Please comment Below and Help me
  2. Many Seller of us become very frustrated. Months go by, years go by, no orders come, no work. We need to find out our own weaknesses. The world will find you if you can do the Work correctly. You follow the rules of Fiverr and develop your skills more and more. The world is waiting for you.
  3. Congrats to the sellers who have been upgraded to the next levels. I had a small question to the sellers who have got level earlier months. I heard on the community that after getting the upgrade level most of the seller's gig lost the rank. And also, the matter of concern is that for the next 5 to 6 months their gigs couldn't be able to get back to the rank again. Is this true?
  4. I think there is no one who doesn’t want to be a winner in his life. But to be a winner isn’t an easy journey. At the very beginning, you need to be prepared mentally. I consider this as the 80% percent of the success. Because if you think that you can do it then consider this you are already on the way to do it. Most of us come to Fiverr by hearing that many people earn from here. But we don’t come here with proper knowledge I mean without the proper idea of what we need to do and how to do it. As a result, we go through frustration, and day by day our confidence level drops. But at the end of the day, we become losers. So before joining Fiverr analyze the platform closely. Study about the marketplace. Then decide what you’ll do here. At first, become a professional in a specific area or niche. Then join Fiverr as a seller. As you are a seller then it’s your business. Think that you have opened a shop, think of this as a business. Try to do everything professionally. Use your real identity on Fiverr. Keep yourself honest. Never try any illegal policy. Keep learning every day. Give your time on the forum and also read articles. Study about how to do business here at Fiverr. Be mentally strong and never give up. If you are dedicated to what you are going to do then no one can stop you. So keep believing in yourself and keep doing what you are doing. Stay focused on your goal and the success is yours. All the best! Tanim Ahamed UiUx Designer
  5. I noticed when I completed by 4th order, I've not been receiving any messages or Order, and my gig is ranking on first page of search! So, what's the best practices to follow as my gigs ranks but no sales or even messages from buyers?
  6. Hi, I'm pretty new on Fiverr. Actually, this was my 23rd day and I already completed a project and also have two Orders I'm currently working on! Today on Fiverr Forum, a seller asked me how I did it, and here is my responses. To begin with, I let him know I don't have much secret to that (his request "How to you get first order?") But I let him know I have some personal quick tips for him maybe he can follow them.! 1. I took my time to set up my gig, I have few samples and I ensure to use the best of my work on my gig image! 2. I write a compelling description so that buyers can hire me! I asked him to check my gig on how I structured my description. 3. Furthermore, my pricing was relatively cheap, I wasn't that cheap and wasn't over charging, I check few other sellers in my category and ensure to use the best pricing list. 4. This is my 23rd days on Fiverr, I got my first message and order on the 12th day, meaning I was very patient to get there, Meanwhile I market my gig on my social media, that in turn drives more impression and clicks, which is later converting to Order... I'm yet to have any reviews on my gig, but I'm working hard so that the two Orders I currently have will convert to a positive reviews... I hope some of you will find this little tips helpful, I'll be open to receive more tips to help sellers make their first 10 sales on Fiverr. Thank you if you read this to this point. 💗
  7. How can i increase my inbox response rate without waiting 60 days??
  8. Please tell me which word not to use on fiverr market place. I think every seller it's need know it. 1. Pay 2. Payment 3. Outside 4. money 5. Paypal 6. Payoneer or others 7. any social media 8. Whatsapp 9. Email 10. s***e. If you know more word not use on fiverr, please share in the comments.
  9. hi i am freelancer joy , I am a professional seller with word press Development in fiverr. I am active on fiverr with mobile apps 24 hours day but the apps show that i was active 3/4/5 hours ago because it shows what to do ? (is it just in my field or is it for everyone) Spicalye Seeking advice from experienced sellers thanks
  10. Hi ,I am professional Seller, I work With word_press Development . I am constantly Working on fiverr . Already I noticed a problem , When a buyer is spoken to and if he dose not place and order then impressions and click down can noticed and Why? Seeking advice from experienced sellers (thank you)
  11. Hello, Welcome to all new Fiverr User. Success journey is not a easy task. So, you have to do hard work with right way. For new user some rules- Make a strong skill. After creating Fiverr Account must read the TOS carefully. Research about your category you want to work. Create GIG . Sent 10 Buyer request daily. Stay online. Marketing your gig. This will help you to reach you a great position. Note: Don't try do anything wrong. Fiverr will ban your account permanently. Have you any more question? Inbox me. Thank you.
  12. Hey everyone, I am Vikas Swami, a freelance graphic designer or commercial artist, whatever you call, and I love to design the brand identity for all types of businesses. When a person is on their initial stage of career-building, they face a hard nut to crack, which is "What is my actual talent?" or "What I love to do in my life?" but that was just a game for me. At an early age in my childhood, I love to do experiments with all kinds of work that I saw in my day-to-day life, and then I found which one is more enjoyable and which one is less. Wait... I'll cover that talent-finding story some other day. Let me directed you towards my Fiverr success journey: Back in my college days, when I was 19 years old, I enjoyed doing experiments with all types of graphic elements, from typography to shapes, from colors to sections, and so on. I focused on the journey, not the destination, and I was so into it that I lost track of time. At that time, I've used so many freelancing platforms to understand the graphic designing needs in the market but never tried Fiverr in the initial days. I've continued my experiment without even thinking about $$$, and I start getting projects from all around the world. Those days some businesses were lacking in their branding, and their designing vision was not to the standard that I set at that time. I was a beginner and unable to educate my clients regarding this, and I thought this was not freedom for an artist. In August 2015, I switched to Fiverr, and I created my first gig with the hope that I will get great clients here. When I started, I struggled a lot, but I was so curious about their algorithm that I started experimenting with my gigs, and I don't know how their algorithm got what I WANT. Just after three months of this, I was not only getting great clients but managed to take my gig from last to some starting page results. Day by day, year by year, I was improving a lot and getting all types of level badges like level 1, level 2, and the most awaited 'TRS' in February 2019. Overnight success is a myth, and it takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish your goal. You can be lucky here, but you have to have consistency in your work for long-term survival on any platform. Success, in other words, just a journey for me, not the destination. By loving the process, you can also be successful, just like me. So, if you are a new seller and very passionate about your profession, then start your journey today without any overthinking. If you are an old seller and still struggling a lot, then I'd say loving the process, but in the right direction. I know only loving the process will not pay your bills, but if you do it in the right direction, then very near in the future, you'll get what you want. Now, what is the right direction? Well, it can be different from person to person, and just a few hows and whys can give you more clarity about YOUR right direction. Thanks for reading this whole story about my journey. Stay Healthy, Stay Creative 🙂 Vikas
  13. How many help FAQ to grow fiverr profile in search result,? Which type question are preferable for FAQ?
  14. I came to Fiverr with full efficiency and I have published three gigs with my services. I stay active for about 16 hours daily and send 5/7 buyer request. My impression is good enough after my gigs active Fiverr Authority, but the clicks are slight. I can't get orders directly from Fiverr without a buyer request? Orders are available on Fiverr without buyer request? Stay Home Save Lives. Regards: marketing_byte
  15. I am a "NO LEVEL" Seller for now (Although I was at Level-1 and demoted for an warning). Before next level evolution I will also meet the Level-2 requirements, so my question is will I directly get promoted Level-2 or only Level-1?
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