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  1. Hey All, I am thrilled to announce that after months of hard work, I've finally achieved Seller Level 1! I started back in March of this year (2023) as a way to make extra income to support my family. I got my first client fairly quickly, and then it took about 3 months to get my next. They were a repeat buyer and I greatly appreciate them. I didn't start making extreme headway until I opted in to receive buyer briefs where I got the chance to work with many different individuals in many different industries. For anyone reading this that is a new seller, please do not get discouraged. Take the time in between projects to learn a new skill or network with other freelancers. A lot of my growth happened organically. I've done zero postings on social media and I've spent zero dollars on marketing. Looking forward to more projects and achieving Seller Level 2!
  2. Thank you. In your opinion, what do you think the best way is to go about getting Wordpress experience? When a client approaches you for Wordpress work, do they typically give you an admin account?
  3. A lot of it has to do with this is not my main source of income, and I did not want to take on a large project while working something considerably smaller.
  4. Hey All, Looking to pick your brains here. Is it worth it to build some experience with Wordpress before launching into this niche? I've never worked with a CMS so I'm not sure of the capabilities of one.
  5. Hi all, I just want to make sure I'm not going crazy here, or if anyone else has experienced this. I'm doing fairly decent by my standards in my main niche, however I have a gig in another niche that I am working to expand into (web development). I'm still learning a lot about it and when I get orders for my main niche normally I go in to pause the webdev gig. The last time I did this, my impressions severely dropped for my main gig. Did I just hit the no-no button?
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