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  1. Super panicked when my first client asked me to create an order but I didn't know how.😅 But also super lucky the client is very kind and taught me how to create the order. Haha... It was a voice over for game character and recently the client reached out to me again to share the game is finally on steam.😁
  2. Personally I do not ask for specific review(such as good review) , but when I deliver my final delivery I always add ⬇️ "If everything is satisfactory, please remember to leave a review. Great working with you, thank you! Hope we work again soon. :D". If they don't leave a review, I just leave it and move on to the next project. 🙂
  3. I think it's because this user is trying to contact you outside of Fiverr. Seller and buyer are not allow contact, make deals outside of Fiverr. This action violate the rules(terms and conditions) of Fiverr.
  4. Today, again a buyer asked me to send my downloadable voice samples to him/her.🙃 Personally I would not send my samples to them because I like my samples not to be stolen and use. In the opposite side, I provide samples in my gig and my YouTube channel which are totally free to listen and share. I also provide a $5 test paid. After telling the buyer, the buyer questioned me why people will steal my samples? Is it valuable? It just a self-introducing video. And blah blah… In the end, the buyer said he/she doesn’t want it anymore. First, some people does steal work. Everyone has the rights to choose give or not to give samples before place order. It doesn’t mean you ask and others “must” give. Second, is it valuable?… I found this question is quite funny. If it’s not valuable, why would you want it and show it to your clients? Third, in my gigs and YouTube, I put many samples in it. Self-introducing video is just only one of it. This means you did not look through all the information I had in my gigs. I believe, give or not to give is a choice. Some people give and some people don’t. Please be polite and understand.
  5. Thank you Harry for your suggest. 😄 All the best to you too.🥰 🥰
  6. Thank you for your comment. Super agree with the "The review phobia is preety bad", hopefully review time can be shorten to "review within 24 hours." Thank you for your comment. After reading your comment, I noticed I had let my fear lead me. Thank you helping me to realize it. After few days has passed, today the buyer reach out to me again and want me to re-record all whole project and submit to her within the same day. The buyer even send me "how to record audio" video. Never mind. I will block the buyer later~ Thank you for your question.
  7. Recently there are some buyers keep asking me for revisions after they received and closed the order. (Same buyer and is already the third time...And it starts to irritate me) They did not leave a review yet and now they are still in the period of 10 days to leave a review. Without taking risk of getting a negative review, I decided to leave the buyer a "friendly reminder" and tell them 'I do it for you this time only. Please do check before receive or close the order. You can ask for extend delivery time if you need to wait for your client’s approvals. If any further changes or requests need in the future on this project, I will create an offer and charge for it.' I would like to avoid this situation in the future so I had added "A friendly reminder" in my FAQ but I guess there'll be some buyers are "too busy" to read through all. Is there any better solution for this situation? Very appreciate if have any suggestion!!!!!!💕💕💕💕💕
  8. Thank you very much for the information. Very appreciate!!!!!!💕💕💕💕💕
  9. I noticed all of my gigs suddenly dropped to 0 impression on 1st July... May I know what happen?🙃 Is it bug or something wrong with my gig? Or it just normal?
  10. I am a Malaysian. The languages which I know how to speak, read and write. Malay is my national language. Chinese is my mother tongue. (Actually I don't remember which language is my mother tongue but Chinese is the most frequent language I use in my daily life.) English (maybe it's because I know too much languages, my English accent is very unique) Japanese (learnt 2 years and 4 months in school and classes, studied aboard in Japan for 4 years) The languages which I can speak a little. Cantonese (A Chinese dialect) Hokkien (A Chinese dialect) The languages which I am still learning to speak. Teo Chew (A Chinese dialect) Korean ( Just begin.)
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