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  1. I am so excited that I have finally gotten to level two. When I got to level one, I changed my rate card and attracted a different set of clients to my profile. It was great, so I know that level two will for sure do something for me. I feel so encouraged, am not sure I understand though how the level system works on fiverr, had it not been for my own initiative to change my rates, do I get more recommendations to clients or are there attached privileges that I don't know about? are there benefits to being level two? I might be ignorant, but someone please explain to me...
  2. Etiquette 101, couldn’t agree more. I have experienced some sort of micro-aggression here; when a buyer reaches out to me and then gets surprised and voices their surprise over the fact that I write and speak good English despite the fact that am an African in Africa. I think it is courteous to do some bit of research before you speak with someone, better yet check their profile before you reach out. If someone thinks you are ignorant, they will not put much effort in your work because they know that you are not keen to details or they may simply not care to give you the best of their services based on how they have perceived you. As you said, this is business
  3. good point @melanielm, but some of the books we write end up becoming best sellers, at the risk of sounding greedy, don’t you feel like you deserve some share of the success? :thinking:
  4. In theory you could have a gig or extra to collect them but it would be a manual order each time where they paid through the normal gig (no off-site payment). In reality I don’t think Fiverr would allow that as you’re not doing additional work each time. You could check with CS if/how it could work but I don’t think it could/I don’t think it would be allowed on Fiverr currently. I’m not a ghostwriter though. I agree with you @uk1000, fiverr’s terms of service have no room to wiggle with such detailed contract like the one of royalties. I however needed to understand what other ghostwriters are doing because I am pretty sure some of them work outside of fiverr too.
  5. Its good to know that I am on the right track, thank you for this feedback @looseink, I was getting worried that am getting the short end of the stick
  6. I was recently having a conversation about the remuneration structure of ghostwriters. Personally, I have done two successful projects here on fiverr, I am working on my third. At the end of the project I am given an agreed amount, we shake hands and go our separate ways. However, someone opened my eyes to issues of royalties and how a royalty contract would serve my interests better than a one time fee on a project. (PS: I specifically work on autobiographies and memoirs) I have never spoken to any other freelance writer about this and am interested to know what other ghostwriters are doing and what they think about royalties. What’s working for you? please tell me more about your contracts and how they work?
  7. For a long time, I have relied on clients reviews to boost views on my profile and get new people checking my gigs out. I have come to believe that it is my hard work that has had clients checking me out, reaching out and finally making orders. Just today, I have seen the new ‘promoted gigs’ tab that allows all sellers to pay and advertise and even get placed at the top of the searchers page on fiverr. Am anxious because if everyone pays to advertise, then majority of us who have been getting genuine traffic and who do not see the need to advertise may drop out of the top page and as a direct result, lower our sales and revenue. As much as I understand change is inevitable, am anxious for this change, can anyone else relate?
  8. don’t give up @semab123 , something will give
  9. Am always checking on what’s going on, but since new year, clicking on the events tab gives me an error message. Should I be worried?
  10. Welcome to fiverr and all the best with your career
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