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  1. share your experience and explore your content.
  2. yeah, it's only my perception. British & America language both are important in our life. I'm from Bangladesh. now I started learning English language so that I asked "What accent Should i follow?"
  3. What accent Should i follow? British or America. British accent sounds very much fancy and delicious. The American accent can be pronounced very quickly.
  4. wow. I glad to know that when I find Video editing, motion design, photo editing then I will knock you. carry on keep it up to flying you are most welcome bro, stay close with me. how about your design ? That's great, keep it up boss, I'm screen print tshirt designer.
  5. Come on Introduce each another, I'm graphics Designer & You ?
  6. Thank so much Bro, it's very helpful for me. wow, That's great, I'm very inspired for your valuable speech. I'm trying of my best, Thanks a lot. yes, I know but I don't give up. Pray for me, Dear. I'm follow your advice obviously.
  7. it's not fun a post. it's very serious post, please help me.
  8. Hey, I am Limon Ahmed. I am professional Screen print Designer. I have lots of experience in this field since 2004. I'm working in offline & online platform,
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