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  1. Thank you so much all the guys to help me to help open a new gig. https://www.fiverr.com/share/ZL28ja this is my gig link. Thank you fiverr forum.
  2. Thank you so much but I can upload at the same time
  3. Hi,I am a new member in Fiverr. I am going to publish a new gig on my Fiverr account. I want to upload three gig image and one Video.So, my question is ,three gig image and a video can be upload together.Please tell me this question answer. Thank you
  4. All right sister but how i will be active 24/7 hours a day
  5. I will create 3 gig and I am thinking of a few more gig
  6. I always try to active but still not coming buyer request
  7. Alhamdulilah Be patient and upload new gigs
  8. You can make new gig and the new gig that you will create will make the gig with a lot of research
  9. Thank You so much and i learned a lot through you.
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