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  1. i am a new seller .plz some tips how can my gig rank 1st page?

    1. servicestore85


      You need to research best selling gig and make a unique gig. For rank on first page is not a easy process, There are lots of factor work for it. You need to find the ways, i told you the best way ( research other gig but not copy).


      Gig image





    2. anu_design1


      thank you


  2. Optimize gig by follow best selling gig Never copy other gig follow and generate a new idea
  3. Send effective buyer request Optimize your gig
  4. Just contact customer support Go to resolution center you can find from order page than contact customer support and tell them about your order cancel.
  5. Stay online is not matter for fiverr success
  6. The main point is- you should understand what buyers need and promise him to give a 200% professional support
  7. Every new seller should send an effective buyer request offer. It is a great way to get an order-
  8. For new sellers and all sellers, buyer requests if very important to get the order. A proper buyer request offer gives you an opportunity to get the order
  9. Follow top selling gig but don't copy them
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