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  1. So yes, this does effect response rate! After a day or so my response rate dropped from 100% to 85% even though I couldn't even physically respond due to fiverr's system. I will be contacting support to fix this ASAP.
  2. It wasn't spam though, it was someone asking for rates.
  3. I got a message yesterday from someone who is set to "unavailable" until Dec, and because of this I can't respond...I just get the "cannot send message" error. Will this mess with my response rate? On a side note, if someone is set unavailable and I can't message them, they shouldn't be able to send messages either imo. Also the error message should be more specific and tell users why we can't respond instead of just "can't send the message"
  4. Thank you for the replies, though I’m still not really getting a solid answer only interpretations and opinions. Not sure if Fiverr staff hang out on here but it would be nice to hear from them.
  5. I have a client that says their script is “highly confidential” and can only be sent to me via email. Obviously the job will still be done only on Fiverr, but is this allowed? I know it says some communication is tolerable if deemed necessary.
  6. Several times in the past couple days I have messaged a client (both on mobile and PC), and the message has disappeared. Example: I had a client message me from a buyer request this evening. I responded with a simple message. Being impatient (an eager) I refreshed to make sure to I didn’t miss a message. Once I refreshed the message was gone. I re-messaged the client and the instantly responded with an offer. Something is happening that is making messages disappear. I have my settings set to “enter to send messages”, I’m not sure if that has something to do with it, but settings always help developers so there it is 🙂 Thank you, Chris
  7. The requirements tab under an open gig is a manual drop down, where instead I think it should be automatically open (or maybe even it’s own ‘frame’ within the page). I’m new on fiverr and because of this I missed some extra instructions by a client this week because I had assumed the drop down was closed because they didn’t put anything in there. I figured stuff they gave me during our conversation was all that they needed.
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