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  1. Congratulation! and Best of luck. Keep delivering the best amazing work to your clients 🙂
  2. Welcome, Hope you'll enjoy here with amazing peoples 😍
  3. It would be good if you go for the fiverr CS and explain them everything. They will cancel the order without effecting on your account. If you already did your hard work then you can deliver him some extra work free to get him again for your next future projects. I always give the some extra free work to my beloved clients so they come back to me for the future projects 🙂
  4. Hi, I just got new feature of "Get cash advance". I don't know should I use it or not? Is it worth? Also whats the benefits of this feature? Anyone who got this feature and also he/she used it some time ago? does it affect on our current balance or it would be applying on next future orders? 🤨
  5. I also got back my level two badge 🙂 It was a great experience with the Fiverr CS. Thanks again to the CS and everyone here 🙂
  6. I showed everything to the CS and luckily I got the postive response from the CS. They removed my warning 🙂 But I didn’t get my level two back. How to do this pls? I’m very satisfied and happy now that I have amazing community like you who encourage me and support me in the very stressful situation and and gave me true and honest directions. You guys are love​:relaxed: Thank you everyone who replied me here and also CS who took the honest decision 🙂 Thanks, Alhamdulilah now I’m free of warnings.
  7. I didn’t used any single abused word against him. I was calm. Even I was saying sorry sorry sorry. And sorry.
  8. What exactly are the reasons Fiverr gave for the warning? A recent action you took violated Fiverr’s TOS. To create a fair and respectable marketplace, please react our TOS. Based on your recent activity, your account no longer meets the requirements for level two status. We removed your level two badge. Etc etc etc
  9. Should i contact to CS? I don’t think now they’ll listen my issue and restore my level….
  10. Yes I just got the warning. I was typing my issue to contact the CS and in the meantime I got warning.
  11. I got warning from the fiverr and I just lost my level two badge. What a justice granted from the fiverr. The buyer used abused words but what I got? Lost money, lost hard word, lost level two badge.
  12. You should have never accepted the order in the first place. You are a freelancer, not a subservient toady to be pushed around by a demanding, flaky, bully of a buyer. You decide how to conduct your business, and you can ultimately decide to not work for whomever you want. Capitulating to a bully only incentivizes them to continue to bully you. You seemingly had a plethora of indications that this buyer was trouble, yet you continued to submit to his demands and work for him. There are times when showing you have a backbone and aren’t willing to take any further BS and abuse is necessary. 😠 It was my bad experience with this buyer? he was very nice in the beginning and then showed his real face? Now I dont know should I contact to CS or not. I even blocked him and cancelled his order. Now I’m just worried where he threatened me about report that he submitted to the fiverr.
  13. No I didn’t break any TOS rule. Just correct me if I’m wrong pls. This is not any issue against the TOS rule if we got order and then cancelled it due to any reason. I think this shouldn’t be any problem to the seller?
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