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  1. Do you think there are special months to get more orders? If so Should we create new gigs on these months?
  2. Hello Everyone, How can I make a high-quality and professional gig? It should be ranked on the first page and get the briefs. Thanks
  3. Hello there, Here is my new gig on architectural house exterior. In here I will provide the service on architectural house exterior design, 3d house modeling and architectural exterior rendering. Here is the gig link- https://www.fiverr.com/share/abNB6a Best regards, SPUR renders🤞
  4. Gig impressions are good, but clicks are low. But what should I do now??? pleas suggest me..
  5. Hello everyone, I published my gig one month ago, but the gig impression is very poor! 20-30 impressions & no click per day, is it good or bad position for gig? can i delete this now & publish same gig again? What are the best solutions? I've 3 gigs in my profile, every gig is in the same situation! Another thing is, all gigs are active showing appears in search result.
  6. Hey, I was wondering what's the best number of impressions of a Gig in the first week! 🤗
  7. Guest

    My gig is deranked

    Anyone please check my gig and please tell what happened with my gig. Before 1 month my gig rank on first but after 1 month my gig is deranked and now my gig rank on 7 page.
  8. Currently have 2 gigs at the moment however they’re almost the same just set in different categories (logo & merch design). I make decent money on both averaging $200 per order. Since these were the first n only gigs I have made since joining fiverr I increased the price gradually when demand got too much. Think my premium package began at $40 n 8 months later is at $200. My question is if I made a new gig would I need to price it lower than my existing gigs since it would have no reviews? My account reviews are 100+ 4.9 stars n obviously the same quality of work would be provided.
  9. As a new seller how can i get my first job. As a new buyer not willing to knock me this is a common thing but how do i did for the buyer knock me??
  10. As I'm skilled in a particular skill, I have created only one gig. Fortunately, I got my first order within one week. I wast able to make satisfied my all of my clients. No client gave negative feedback and under 5 star rating. Everything is okay. In spite of being okay everything, my gig has gone away from first page. And reduced the number of orders. I don't get order still now a days. I don't know the reason of this problem. Please help me to find out the solution by sharing your experience about this issue.
  11. I just published a new gig. After publishing the gig, I changed the gig images three times in one hour. The reason is that the images were stretched. Is it affecting badly for my new gig?
  12. I am a new seller in Fiverr with my shopify development skills..If any one interested to know about Shopify or dropshipping business Feel free to contact me
  13. My last order was canceled on July 2021. After that I'm unavailable on Fiverr. Yesterday, I was created 7 new gigs. Will there be any problem in this?
  14. My gig is now in First page..What can I do for getting order apart from that buyer request and gig promotion in social networking sites.. If you are an expert can you please suggest me, Thanks
  15. What should I do to rank my gig on Fiverr?
  16. May I know how can I get first order in Fiverr!!! Any Expert opinion
  17. How can i promote or get work on fiverr without any ratings?
  18. Hello good people, I just started a gig 2 days ago. I have got 58 impressions till now. There are no clicks, no conversion. Should I edit the gig? Change something? Please help me with some suggestions. Thank You. Note: I have edited the gig after publish, changed the title once.
  19. I have published a new gig. I can share this gig inside fiverr forum
  20. Today I created a new GIG on Fiverr and it is now active. I hope this helps me get more orders.
  21. I am brand new to fiverr. I cant any client message. How can I get first order. please tell me.
  22. I am creating a gig one week ago. my gig is showing on the first page But, I don't get any order so what can I do? 😗
  23. I have been searching for two days for editing my profile portfolio. Unfortunately I did not find any way to change my portfolio. Is there any to change it?
  24. I uploaded 2 gigs on Fiverr 3 days ago. My Gigs have catchy images, videos and portfolios attached. They are getting impressions but not enough clicks. In my own perspective, i left no stone unturned to get orders but clearly i am lacking something or am i just being impatient? An expert and experienced advice will be much appreciated. My Gigs are populated on low competitive keywords. I am also sending buyer requests but still no response.
  25. it's been 10 days, I created my Account & Gigs. And so far i just have 20 & 10 impressions on my gigs. Please suggest me, what i need to do for rankings, as i have SEO knowledge but every platforms has it's own technique & ranking algorithms. Have a look at my gigs & let me know if anything needed to remove or improve, Thanks https://www.fiverr.com/share/0rBo0r https://www.fiverr.com/share/p0Z4yG
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