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  1. congratulations! You should look for my post about “Level 1 Hell” for some advice. You are at that pivotal moment where excitement can quickly turn into disappointment if expectations arent aligned with reality. “keep up the quality work” is the right mindset but it has to be closely tied to patience. Good luck 🙂 Matt
  2. I dont believe that it’s an “official” thing but more of a natural part of the process that most sellers just dont understand and can get frustrated with. Keep at it 🙂
  3. That’s typical. But the point is that many level 1 sellers simply quit or give up, which means that they wouldnt have a body of reviews for you to look at. You’re confirming my original point.
  4. Experience in doing the service that you provide as well as credibility of the ratings that you get over time from delivering high quality services and treating buyers well. Also, with time, those that do not stick with it or provide good service will sink allowing those that are great sellers to continue to rise. It’s not enough to simply hang around and be patient. You have to know that working hard during that time is critical. good luck.
  5. Also, to follow up, I just had a friend get TRS today…which is the 16th…so it can happen on days besides the 15th 🙂 Hadnt seen it before but you know…Fiverr…
  6. I’ve never seen anyone get it any day other than the 15th. EDIT: I just had a friend get awared TRS the day after this topic started…on the 16th. So it can happen. But please, listen to me on this, STOP worrying about achieving TRS. Literally pay no attention to it. Just keep doing your best and at some point you may get the bump. Do not waste energy on thinking about it. Use all of that energy to serve clients and improve your service and someday you will achieve TRS. First, meeting the “requirements” only gets you into the pile of people to consider. Very few people get bumped to TRS on their first evaluation. I personally know a couple dozen level 2 buyers that are all high quality and exceed the requirements and have been waiting on TRS for 2 years or more. Second, do not place too high a value on what TRS will do for you. I know TRS that literally saw no change in their sales after becoming TRS. If I had a dollar for every person that got TRS and was disappointed because it didnt start raining orders, I’d…have a lot of extra dollars 😉 I know this isnt what you want to hear but I promise you, the stress of being concerned with it is not at all worth the energy that you sacrifice for other parts of your service. Just be great and eventually you will get it. Good luck. Matt
  7. Sorry that this happened. It’s always frustrating when things happen that are out of your control. I’d definitely mention to the buyers throughout the process, including upon delivery, that the watermark is/may be there and it is not something that you can control and that it does go away with approval. Also, just a note about ratings. One of the best days in my fiverr career was the day that I got my first non-5 star rating. Don’t get me wrong; at the time I was incredibly disappointed and it was annoying. But then I realized what a ridiculous standard it is to have all 5 star ratings. And the pressure lifted. I always strive for 5 stars and want all clients to be thrilled with deliveries but I also know that once in a while someone is going to leave me a glowing review that is 4.3 stars because A. They don’t believe anything is perfect or B. they accidentally smash the wrong button on an app. Maybe I do have one client that I just cant satisfy. Either way, I don’t worry about the rating because I know that in the end, I did my best and I’ll have enough 5 stars to cover it. You did the correct thing in asking customer support to evaluate it and remove it. Maybe they will and maybe they wont but it’s worth asking for sure. But you can recover from a poor rating or 2. Good luck. Matt
  8. You can’t. The problems of one become the problems of everyone. And you can’t fire them. It’s hard enough being someone’s boss, and seeing them do serious mistakes which affect your wellbeing. At least you can fire them. One bad team member can do incredible damage. yup. It just feels so dangerous.
  9. I typically walk away from “Samples”. I have a gig video, demo, and a portfolio that all have representative work. Once in a blue moon I’ll just get a feeling and decide to do one. But almost never. It defeats the purpose of being on the platform and setting up a gig. But I also know several people personally in VO that will give samples. It’s really up to you and how you feel about it.
  10. My example was based on the limited knowledge I have about VO. But generally speaking, as per my experience in Fiverr, It does not matter what the buyer ‘expects’ after you have delivered (and you provided samples either via inbox or in the gig description or video). Never ever I had a buyer cancel an order based on what they ‘thought or expected’ differently after I delivered (and I had some cases where buyers tried to go away with free work) but I always I mean ALWAYS got paid! Then why not adding a mandatory question asking what it should sound like? and have the answers be multiple choices of what you can do. I think no matter what is the case, the seller cannot be tricked (at least in my category). Honestly speaking, it does for me, and I am not trying to argue, I am just happy with my business here so far. I cannot be just lucky with over 1100+ orders, right? Right 😉 Limited. I can tell you first hand that in the VO category there are people that will cancel after delivery. Sure, they shouldn’t be able to but they do. And your option is receiving a bad rating or accept their cancellation. There have been people that come back and cancel orders several months after delivery. After the money has been paid and spent. That’s actually a thing. I know several people that have had it happen. Some to the tune of hundreds of dollars. We do ask for direction in the requirements. But if I ask for direction, and they say, “be Russian”, then how did having that requirement help? They still managed to order something that isn’t reasonable and there can only be one outcome; cancellation. And I have over 2500 completed orders so I’ve had a ton of time to “See it all”. All categories are different. They all have their nuances. It appears that what you do is pretty discrete in that your output either functions or does not. I suppose there could be some subjective elements around design and layout, but I don’t know the category. I only know Excel. (clearly not as well as you though!) Unlike numbers, creative endeavors are never discrete. And I’m happy with my business as well. One of the best things that ever happened was getting on fiverr. But I’ve also seen a lot of crazy stuff and it makes me ultra cautious. Because if there is one thing that I know with absolute certainty, it’s that everything can change in an instant on this platform. Good discussion.
  11. Isn’t this same as any gig on fiverr as of now? They can hear your voice before ordering (in the gig we can add a sample), so once they ordered, they cannot cancel because of this reason. Think of this gig as several gigs into one. Same rules should apply for every single task. sure, but I’ve also had people order, knowing exactly what I sound like and then come back and say that it wasn’t what they expected. In the same way that I have people listen to my gig, place an order and tell me it needs to sound “Russian”. That happened. Yes, theoretically, that should work. But in theory it should work on normal orders and it doesnt. So I have to believe that nothing will be different about these orders. And the same could be said about any design category. You look at a portfolio and then set an expectation. Sometimes you dont get what you think. And again, the key here is that they havent done a good job demonstrating how it works. I could be swayed but until I know how to manage the risk there is just no way I would trust my ranking to it. Just me being conservative. But I’ve built my brand on that conservative approach. So it’s hard to abandon/
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