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  1. I totally agree with you and, I try to figure it out when they contact me first. The problem is when they seem to know what they want and, after placing the order, the attitude changes. Or when they simply place the order directly without sending a message. Those ones you cannot avoid.
  2. What I do is basically complete 50 to 90% of the order even before the order has been placed. For example just yesterday I had inbox chat with potential client. I did the work, showed her the final file in inbox, sent her offer, she paid, got delivered, all finished under 24 hours. But (BUT) she could technically say she doesn’t need it anymore and bygones be bygones. To me that is acceptable risk since order cancelations brings more problems then lost of time doing the work before getting paid. I completed 134 orders and only 3 times I did the work and did not get paid so to me that is acceptable loss. Plus in all 3 times I gain knowledge on how to to things more effectively so in my book they are not loss. For example, one conversation got me to Adobe AE free plugin that I used to make 4 sales. So on one end I lost time, but I gain skill to complete 4 new orders I would otherwise skipped due to not knowing that plugin exists for free. But my style of conversation is direct and to the point and I ask probing questions in first 10 minutes so anyone who is not actually ready to make order usually stops replying early. Oh, now I understood. Yes, it’s a risk, but, from what you are telling me, that gives you the confirmation that you have very good communication skills, and that’s great. I’m happy that that’s working with you. In my area of expertise I would not risk that, but when a client send me a message prior to the order I try to discuss the project the best way I can to avoid any unpleasant situations. But, sometimes, you can’t avoid them. It happens. Yes, I try to do that too, but my experience is different. With me they usually don’t stop replying, but they ignore the questions that they don’t want to answer or when they don’t know yet. In that case, I invite them to reply and continue to discuss the project with me when they have all the details ready.
  3. It is not recommended what I am doing, but unless the buyer buys directly from me on the GIG page, I make sure all details are cleared before order. And then I send an offer to him/her with every single tiny detail. For example: Hello, as per our conversation, this offer includes voice-over with my voice under style as per sample demo #3 you have selected with a duration of spoken timing necessary to deliver 300 words that will be provided by you in order requirements and pre proofread for grammar errors. Copyrights and broadcast rights are included in the price. The first draft of the Audio file will be delivered in the order page with an audio watermark so you can give feedback or request revisions. After you accept the audio file will be delivered without an audio watermark in mp4, avi or any other audio file format requested. Any revisions after delivery are charged extra. Proofreading of the script is charged extra and it is not included. Thank you. Plus a lot more things you can think of. The same goes for mandatory requirements in case they make an order without contacting you. Why it’s not recommended? It seems a really good strategy to me. That way you can discuss the project properly and make all the questions and eveluate if the client is available to give you all the information that you need. Thank you for sharing this. I made a requirement when the client has to check if he understands or not as well, but regarding the payment for additional fees and additional services. Thanks a lot. I guess I will check my requirements again and make some adjustments. Thank you. Thanks a very nice point of view. :thinking:
  4. I do the same here, but sometimes you notice that the client (maybe) is reselling your services only after the order is placed, for example, and that’s when the problems start to happen, and some people try their best to get free stuff. I guess we need to have even more careful when setting all the details with the client. I totally understand. The number of scams are increasing around here too. Wish you all the best and many many sales.
  5. I’m just wondering how do you deal with clients who give you contradictory instructions during the order, giving an excuse that there was a misunderstanding and what they said had a different meaning for them, or when they clearly show that they have no idea about what they want, as they keep changing their mind all the time (and, sometimes, trying to make the freelance feel bad, like if was his/her fault). I’m looking for tips to improve the way I deal with this type of situations. And I also take this chance to ask if you noticed even more clients trying to scam you during the pandemic situation. Thanks.
  6. Not everyone is rational or sane. There are buyers who become obsessive or vindictive if they feel a seller has slighted them in some way, and focus an inordinate amount of time and effort in an attempt to harm the seller in any way possible. I don’t think there is a time limit for reporting ToS violating actions. In this case the person simply place $10 orders and demand an amount of work that costs much more, every single time. And every single time, I refuse and inform what is the extra cost or offer a cancelation. Thank you so much.
  7. I never had situations like this with buyers. I know from the forums that sometimes sellers do that, but buyers… I had no idea. What I don’t understand is: what’s the point? Trying to get the best price using different accounts? The most strange one to me is the person who was blocked for being disrespectful to my work and creates another account to place an order and do the same thing… I mean, that buyer will only buy from me once, no matter the number of accounts he creates. The last episode was last week and, meanwhile, the buyer sent me other messages, but only from one of the accounts. Should I report it? Thanks in advance.
  8. A client contacted me with exactly the same message using different accounts and he assumed that he had two accounts. Sometimes he writes in one language, sometimes in another and use both accounts to ask the same inquiries. Another one, using a very new account, asked me a quotation and sent me one of my samples renamed as a reference demo (I had never spoken to him before ). Then, after he placed the first order and after I analyse his behaviour during the process I realised that most probably he was someone that I blocked previously for a disrespectful behavior to my work. Other client asked me a quotation and discussed all the details using one account and he came back to me a few days later, using other account to place the order, accordingly to what we had discussed prior, assuming that he was using other account as well. So, I’m wondering… If accordingly to TOS users cannot have more than one account why this is happening recently in such a short period of time? Is this happening to you too or I’m the only lucky one?
  9. Wow, you have such great advices here. I was about to start writing my answer but almost everything was said regarding your question, and you have lots of good recommendations here from real and good professionals. I feel trilled to see, once again, that people are so open to help and welcome people at our industry. :star_struck:
  10. My best advice is to create attractive GIGs that explain exactly to your customers what they are going to get, what is included and what it’s not, writting very well in English, and having some great examples of your work (that you already have at your GIG). Also, consider to create more than one GIG. As a graphic designer I’m absolutely sure that you can offer much more to this platform. Good luck.
  11. I was wondering if you guys have better results on sales with: Each thumbnail with a different design (and colours), accordingly with each GIG;Or a similar thumbnail design (same colour palette and style) with sligh variations, accordingly with each GIG.Do you think that a consistent/inconsistent profile (design) can have any influence your sales?
  12. You are very welcome. I think that’s relative. The key here, in my opinion, is that you answer quickly to the inquiries at your inbox. So, even if you are not online, everytime that you receive a message from anyone you will receive an email as well. Paying attention to that and have the Fiverr app instaled at your smartphone to be able to answer right away is the best way to avoid losing projects for other freelancers. When a client send a message to a freelance usually they send many so it’s important to be one of the firsts to answer their inquiries. Wish you many many sales. 🍀
  13. My main services here are related to voice overs, but I have GIGs for copywriting as well. From my experience people that look for copywriting here are: 1. People who want the cheapest rates per word; 2. People who want a high quality work and choose Top Rated Sellers/Pro accounts. Of course that this based on my opinion from what I’m observing here. I was having a look at your profile and I realised that your account is really focused on this field and your prices are quite reasonable, you have great reviews and a recent delivery. I don’t see anything wrong with your profile/GIGs. They are pretty clear about what you are offering and what your knowledge is. So, I can’t find any reason at your profile to not performing well here. Maybe people is giving priority to price and not to quality, but I guess that’s an issue that all of high qualified professionals face here. My best advice to you is that you have a look at what other types of accounts from the same niche are doing and make a comparison and find some inspiration and check if there is something that you can improve. From my experience, sometimes a simple change in your thumbnail cover can do the trick. It’s a question to test it.
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