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  1. Got it. 🙂 Thats the matter.
  2. Really I don’t get this What this happen. I never did anything like feedback boosting where I have no idea about this.
  3. Suddenly I get e mail. I checked it and found that was about my account Issue. They Said I did feedback boosting violation. Even I don’t have any idea about this. Does anyone knows about this? E-mail: Hi shadiya646, Our rating and level systems are an integral part of building a trusted marketplace. Your account was flagged for purchasing or selling with the intent to falsely increase ratings and/or levels. This isn’t in line with our community ideals.
  4. I think they take 20% from our order its okay. But from our tip they take also Commission. It’s really sad and pathetic.
  5. I think it will be better if you contact with them again. There is one way that is Payonner community. There are some moderators and they are active. You can create a discussion and after that they will help you.
  6. If you used the Payonner as a medium it will take not more than 1/2 minute (some time takes time if there is any problem) Then then fund arrieved in payonner. If your payonner account isn’t verified the fund will be pending. After verify your payonner account the fund will be clear after that you will be able to withdraw your fund in your local bank (It will take 2/3 business days).
  7. No there is nothing in the notification option. And this is my first transaction.
  8. I didn’t recieve any email about this.
  9. Recently I Just withdraw my fund from fiverr through payonner. When I withdraw my money from fiverr it took 1/2 Minute. When I checked my payonner account there was nothing in the account section. Then I checked and found in pending section. Did anyone known about this fund pending problem? How much time it take can anyone knows? Thanks in Advance.
  10. After opening my Fiverr Account within 16 days I recieved a order. Till I working on this project. But 30 Days left I didn’t recieve any order. And my gigs impression also decrised. I don’t know whats going on. Is there any problem with my account or anything else. Please suggest me For gain more orders.
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