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  1. There is nothing with the number of buyer request you send. The main thing is the quality of your message in buyer request. If you can approach the buyer then maybe you will get some sell.
  2. Well, it's vary person to person. Someone get their order within 1/2 days and someone get their first sell after 6/7 months later.
  3. Check your Payonner account. In Upcoming transaction section.
  4. By this you will get a warning 🥶
  5. The order will be automatically accepted.
  6. Try to send effective buyer request. And make your gig attractive.
  7. Maybe this is the reason when you search BR that time no BR exist. So try to refresh this page between 5-10 minutes. Or clear the apps data then check again.
  8. For this your post should be on "Improve my gig" or "My fiverr gig" category. This FAQ section is not for gig advertising.
  9. You will find your answer here! https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010560198-Order-Completion-Rate-and-Cancellations-FAQ?segment=seller
  10. https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service
  11. If you contact Customer Support than they will give you every information about this.
  12. How many account do you have? If you don't have other account than how you received waning email in a disabled account? Funny😄
  13. Did you use payonner? If so, then you or someone else add this account with other fiverr account. That's why you received this email.
  14. Yesterday I also received this notification. This was about increase gig potential. Using this coupon anyone can purchase any gig(Related to fiverr gig description,gig image) deducted 10% from the total amount.
  15. Where you find this? Can you please provide us the source?
  16. Press and hold any message of him/her then mark as spam.
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