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  1. yes thanks for the kind reply @smashradio & @imagination7413 šŸ’“. I should have to open a ticket šŸ™‚
  2. I have paid in full my cash advance last week. but the cash advance status is remaining same. Please explain when it will refresh? is this happens only me?
  3. I'm a level 2 seller and I have achieved the goals to be a top rated. but it's still pending. is there any top rated seller to share your story here? Thank you!
  4. Today I got this new option and I have no idea about it. Thanks for sharing this information.
  5. Hello everyone, what do you think about new subscriptions option?
  6. You can share on pretty much any site, all your socail accounts and that sort of platform as well as joining specialized group on FB and Google. This may or may not help you get more traffic but it is a good thing to try. As far as the ability to up your impressions, Iā€™m not real sure how that works. My best tip would be to make sure you have sample photos, a video and good keywords.
  7. It's okay. I'm share my gig link. Not my fiverr profile link. Because I can increase the gig impressions by doing it. Hope you understand šŸ˜‡
  8. I can get clicks and increase my gig impressions by social media. It's works for me.
  9. I got my first order by applying a buyer request. It was a very simple project. I did it within a few minutes and got 5 stars rating.
  10. I'm posting my works regularly on social media. Because I can get clicks and increase my gig impressions.
  11. Thanks for this reply. I really Don't have an idea about fiverr forum but I like to help others.
  12. I'm from Sri Lanka. But I'm working on USA time frame. So I'm starting my works at 10.30pm. (Local time) to 6 a.m. so I can get more buyers on that time frame. And I promoted one gig also. Do you have the promoted gig feature?
  13. Active on fiverr maximum time. Share your gig on social media. Send buyer request. Give reply faster. Do well Communicate with buyers. I think it'll help you.
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