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  1. Yep, that definitely sounds really healthy to me. Especially since the meals are done from scratch - I bet they taste super duper good as well!
  2. I like chicken as well, it tastes amazing.
  3. Haha, yeah there are certain unhealthy foods that I just cannot avoid! 🤣
  4. I never tried it, but I bet it tastes great!
  5. Wooow, all the food ideas you listed above sound really good! 😋
  6. Recently I’ve been looking for more healthy food to eat, particularly meals with vegetables in them or maybe meals that are just nutritious in general. I really just want to see what kind of healthy foods you eat…maybe it will help me decide what to eat in the future, haha. I also love hearing about food eaten all around the world, so that’s good to know as well. Comment below (if you want, of course)! 😁
  7. Welcome to the Fiverr Forum! Best wishes to you! 😀
  8. Ah, classic computer problems. Those can get really annoying and stressful, especially since it’s used for work… I’m just glad that it was able to turn on again! 😅
  9. Thank you for your lovely responses! I appreciate them all! 😊 Ooo that’s cool! 😎😀
  10. Thank you for sharing, this is very useful to keep in mind! After all, it is true that everything you post matters.
  11. Thank you for more responses, I really appreciate it, and I liked reading each one! 😁
  12. Nighttime is definitely the time when I’m ‘working’ a lot, and by ‘working’ I mean mainly drawing and writing. There’s always something I can draw, especially since I’m working on a Webtoons story, and I’m a writer on Episode, Wattpad, and Tap, so as you can see there’s always something that I can do. Now that I started school, my time is limited during the day, and there are still times when I want to just relax and watch YouTube/play games, so when I can’t sleep at night, drawing and writing is what I do. 😌
  13. Congratsss, best of luck to you! 🥳🤩😎😊
  14. Do you want to use a MacBook someday? 🤔😀
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