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Found 7 results

  1. Recently I’ve been looking for more healthy food to eat, particularly meals with vegetables in them or maybe meals that are just nutritious in general. I really just want to see what kind of healthy foods you eat…maybe it will help me decide what to eat in the future, haha. I also love hearing about food eaten all around the world, so that’s good to know as well. Comment below (if you want, of course)! 😁
  2. Time for me to insert a random question again! 😁 What exotic food or meal have you eaten? To be clear, with “exotic”, I mean food that isn’t commonly eaten in your area. It can also be something rare, or food that you believe people wouldn’t eat. I’m curious, comment below. 👀
  3. So - a lot of you already know that I live abroad - and have for about 5-6 years now. One issue I always had with this was.. going to the dentist. Finally managed to get an appointment at a cheap(ish) clinic and had an issue I've had for a looong time taken care of. So now... I am SORE. So... to cheer myself up, here are some of the food-highlights of Sweden (mostly Stockholm) I've had so far! Not sure about the names of places (would otherwise add them because sharing the love for food makes me happy.) I challenge you all to either write about (or show) the best meal you've had in 2022 so far. KBBQ - Didn't have the chance to take more pictures - was pretty nice but I've had better. Best pork bao I had in a long time - their ramen is okay as well! Best Ramen in Stockholm, their broth is amazing. Sushi near my town - nothing special but a nice snack before travelling. Really nice mango-curry - not sure how traditional it is but I loved the sweetness! These three were from a Greek restaurant (bit of a fancier place than normal) - dessert was so~ good! (and... my office last Monday when I was heading back home!)
  4. Morning Guys!! Let me introduce, we are a UI UX Designer who focuses on making food and beverages design prototypes of mobile apps and websites, If you have a restaurant or e-commerce business specifically for food and beverages, we can really make apps or websites design. It's guaranteed that your business profits will immediately skyrocket because the designs we make are very focused on the FnB section. so, what are you waiting for? Come'on guys! let's order quickly to get the best design touch on every screens. Hi Friends, This is What will you receive in our gig : User Friendly Design (trendy, fresh, catchy). Interactive Prototype. Source file. All assets. Style guide (if you need). Up to 3 screens. High resolution screens in PNG or JPG.
  5. Lets, dont wait until you get inspiration to make UI/UX Apps or Websites Design. Leave it to us, because we have 2 years of experience in handling designs for apps and website. Hi friends, this is what will you receive in our gig: user friendly design, interactive prototype, source file, all assets, style guide, up to 3 screens, high resolutions in PNG and JPG we also prioritize customer satisfaction. Because for us consumers are our responsibility 🙂
  6. Hi guys Iam Fandra and come from Jakarta, Indonesia. Iam new seller especially in UI UX Design (Apps and Web) .You can use our services for various UI UX designs on mobile apps or websites. Entrust your project to us, we will do our best only for you If you need our service, iam very welcome 🙂 Your satisfaction is our responsibility 🙂:) https://www.fiverr.com/share/9zKG9K
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