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  1. tanmay310


    Problem is, it has never been started so how can be stopped!? I didn't get any Briefs... new/old!! Or, is this that much easy!? What if, I will purchase one of your GIG... and left you private negative feedback and that's all is your performance!!? they will stop sending Briefs!?
  2. tanmay310


    I have the same issue. I have enabled the Brief system from the beginning... have tried it with several prices also... Reviewed my profile carefully... Published a new GIG to see if works... I have 5 stars on my profile... The percentage of Return buyers is good... I don't what is my sin!?
  3. You can check my GIGs/Profile - https://www.fiverr.com/tanmay310?up_rollout=true I have reviewed/updated my profile very carefully! I have published a new GIG also, but no result.
  4. I didnt get any briefs yet 😔
  5. Hi, If I got an inquiry from a buyer through one of my promoted GIG, and make an order with another GIG, does it affect the promoted GIG's performance somehow!? Thanks in advance!
  6. https://community.fiverr.com/forums/topic/294132-its-a-match--but-its-not-a-match-anymore-eventually-its-another-desperate-seller-seeking-some-work-😅😅😅😅/?do=findComment&comment=1854714 You can read the artical... if it works... Infact I got the same issue -
  7. Do i need to have a shutterstock account to active the feature!? https://www.fiverr.com/content/rt/shutterstock?utm_source=appb&utm_medium=inapp&utm_campaign=Sellers_Shutterstock_Announcement&utm_content=cta Thanks!
  8. Thanks for sharing... I have read the article! and what i got is to wait for the AI... 😫😩 I double checked my gig's catagories. Even you can also take a look of my profile -www.fiverr.com/tanmay310 I mean everything was going fine... I have 6 gigs with 5 star... 3 of them are promoted... 1 of the rest of is just away from 1 order to be promoted!
  9. Hi,I didn't get any Briefs yet. What can I do!? Can anyone suggest !?Thanks in advance!Tanmay
  10. Hi, I didn't getting any Brift yet. What can i do!? Can anyone suggest!? Thanks in advance! Tanmay
  11. Thanks a lot I think I got the answer! To prevent the penalty I must have deliver the completed work before clocks end, if the buyer didn't response! right!? In a same case, after sending the time extending request, I noticed that the "Deliver now" option got disappear from the app/mobile... Can you please tell me something about it if you ever notice!? Why the option got disappear!?
  12. Thanks for the reply! 2. If the buyer didn't reply to the extend time request, do I deliver the complete work before clocks end!? Or, the extended time request will prevent the Late delivery penalty!?
  13. What should I do, if a buyer didn't reply/response after placing an order!? Do i deliver the last update of the work!? Or, request for time!? And does the time extended request prevent the Late delivery penalty!? Thanks in advance!
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