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  1. Get solved! Thank you so much for being with me @imagination7413 The issue creator was an extension.
  2. Buyer marked his amendments on a PDF onscreen. But I cant see them... Can any one tell me whats happening !? Thanks
  3. HI, can anyone confirm me that can I send my portfolio link to a buyer in massage/chat !? Behance link !? Thanks
  4. Me- Since- Aug' 2020 Buyer request attend- 1811 Oder completed- 56 What is your status... !?
  5. Be patience! And try to attend to buyer request regularly with your best prospectus...
  6. @seven_sign Actually I thinks so. It will be the best solution... Thank you so much for sharing the fruitful instruction.
  7. @seven_sign Thanks for this informative and helpful reply
  8. Hi, Buyer didn't responding. What to do now !? I already request for time extension and it is about 3 days. The buyer don't seen yet. If a buyer submits an order and never comes back... what will be the operation !? Thanks
  9. @olyasr Ooo i get it! Having great fun! interesting! 🤣 And you can read a comment... just below your first comment 🤫🤭
  10. The morning show of my day...
  11. That cant be an issue i think. Maybe we can have an update on the buyer request page...
  12. We have no other option...
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