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  1. Send buyer request as much as you can. Always write what you can do and what the requirement is. Avoide copy paste same template over and over again. Best of luck!
  2. Send buyer request. For the first time maybe you have struggle with buyer request but be patient and keep refreshing the page to get request. Write few words about your service and mention how you will provide what the buyer want. That’s it.
  3. Research your topic. Get yourself up to date and always give best service to your client.
  4. If you have different service then you will get lots of buyer request. Besides that when you become a level one seller you will get lots of request. Its depends on the service you are providing and your gig catagory.
  5. Make sure that you mentioned what buyer exactly wants from the seller. Read their expected service and mention how you will provide them.
  6. congratulations!! keep going and keep doing your best work
  7. there must be option to edit whether you want to show it or not. It will be published in your profile, not gig
  8. What if the buyer does not come online to accept the delivery? The delivery time is already over 2 days ago. Will it effect my order completion rate?
  9. Please read the instructions carefully before doing anything, because Fiverr is a very strict place,
  10. I don’t think it is illogical. Some people may abuse if fiver has not taken any percentage from the tip
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