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  1. Get solved! Thank you so much for being with me @imagination7413 The issue creator was an extension.
  2. Buyer marked his amendments on a PDF onscreen. But I cant see them... Can any one tell me whats happening !? Thanks
  3. HI, can anyone confirm me that can I send my portfolio link to a buyer in massage/chat !? Behance link !? Thanks
  4. Me- Since- Aug' 2020 Buyer request attend- 1811 Oder completed- 56 What is your status... !?
  5. Be patience! And try to attend to buyer request regularly with your best prospectus...
  6. @seven_sign Actually I thinks so. It will be the best solution... Thank you so much for sharing the fruitful instruction.
  7. @seven_sign Thanks for this informative and helpful reply
  8. Hi, Buyer didn't responding. What to do now !? I already request for time extension and it is about 3 days. The buyer don't seen yet. If a buyer submits an order and never comes back... what will be the operation !? Thanks
  9. @olyasr Ooo i get it! Having great fun! interesting! 🤣 And you can read a comment... just below your first comment 🤫🤭
  10. The morning show of my day...
  11. That cant be an issue i think. Maybe we can have an update on the buyer request page...
  12. We have no other option...
  13. Yes! all people sleeping together. Ok fiverr is not posting job. But through fiverr we can see the job
  14. I didn't get any buyer request today... can anyone tell me whats happening !? Thanks
  15. Is there anyone know the "Order Cancellation Policy" !? Can someone give me a link !?
  16. @genuineguidance Yes i did it but without any watermark or etc. And I was on the right track, confirmed by the buyer. She/He also asked for a extra work with extra cost and i did it as well. The last sequence was- The buyer informed me that the next 20 pages is under process that i will receive soon. And the conversation was running, about a few corrections on the completed 12 pages.
  17. Okay! but how could CS cancel the order without explanation. I mean perhaps its need a valid reason. Is there any guideline from Fiverr !? And the most interesting thing is - Do you received the same (inactive) email upon those cancellations!?
  18. How a buyer can do this!? And without any concern with the seller !?
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