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  1. my buyer mistakenly placed two order and we have to cancel one. tomorrow is evolution and I meet all requirements to become level one seller expect order completion rate because of buyer mistake. My bad luck. Can fiverr support help me?
  2. I created a ticket two days ago in fiverr support and tell them to cancel order because seller isn’t doing my work and asking for more money and not even cancelling work. But fiverr closed ticket without solving, I need my money back, Seller is threatening that he report me into fiverr for calling fraud and scam. he didn’t do any work, he delivered empty text file with this line “I can send you payment but please don’t cancel project it will affects my account badly . I give your project to my team mate and he said its theme is 80$ worth and whole project costs 150$ . I don’t have money thats wht i took project from you .Kindly accepy my order .I’ m going to give you your money back”
  3. I asked for website design, we agree on requirements. for two days he continuously saying You’ll see my progress till tonight, But now he saying he want some kind of theme for his work which cost 80$, if a theme could do my work, why would I hire someone? he sent a txt file saying “help me, accept order, I will pay your money, My account will get hurt” How could I like it if I didn’t get anything, these guys taking huge money from us and than hire small sellers to do there works. Its been 24 hour fiverr support did nothing
  4. No , never accept the order, keep keep open the dispute. Just keep dusputing it he is rejecting dispute, What should I do?
  5. You can report him , fail to deliver the proper work. It can also consider as " empty deliver" I think he wants to pay you outside of Fiverr, can report also And for your title , not spam, is scam haha sorry for bad english, I created ticket against him. he delivered work. If fiverr support didn’t do anything in 3 days. My money will be gone to that scam. What should I do?
  6. My seller agreed to work and we discuss all requirements, But it’s been three days. Now he asking 80$ from me and when I am cancelling order he isn’t cancelling. He delivered a text file instead of work and saying that “Cancelling order will affect his account, he will pay my money back?” I am not trusting him. He isn’t cancelling order, I created three dispute but he is a fraud and not delivering my work. Help me! its been 12 hour since I create ticket in fiverr support but no solution from them.
  7. I can’t hold myself from replying such spammers, I tell them in offer if they don’t support doing spam I report them to fiverr support
  8. I am seeing a lot of spam in Buyer Request, Most Users Posting Link of same website from different Account and saying that we must first see there work and they want something like this, But in actually its a trash page on free blogspot domain. There are baiting us to visit there website to increase there traffic, Most of these Users from South Asia. I Suggest Fiverr team to please give us some kind of option to know more about buyer in buyer request. Because I only get 10 request per day and I don’t want to waste them on a Spam. Thanks,
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