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  1. My pleasure. I always want everyone to do their best on Fiverr.
  2. Hey mates, I hope all of you are doing great. Last year on January 10, I took advance cash of $4500, and I am thinking again take advance cash on January 10. The last time I took the highest advance cash, $4500, I experienced new things in my Fiverr career. I am ready to share my experience with all of you, and do all share with me too?Let me know, and also tell me how many of you get $4500 advance cash like me and what is your highest Advance cash from Fiverr. Which is better? The high amount of advance cash, medium amount of advance cash, or a low amount of advance.
  3. Thank a lot lots for your wishes. I hope you will doing great. best of luck
  4. Me too and yes last 4 month i am facing same problem. don't know what happen and when it will be solved. 😓
  5. Hi there, today I got 1444 reviews. six month ago I take loan $4500 from Fiverr after that suddenly my gig rank going down and I am doing my best but suddenly my gig ranks dropped so badly and now I got very few order in this month when my delivery rate conversion and everything is 100% , does anyone face the same problem? and in this month I only get 2 new order from new client and other client is old. so this 1444 feedback is remarkable form me.
  6. yes I am facing same problem!!! I am was worried first. but now I am a little bit relax because many of us facing the same problem.
  7. Thanks a lot mates. Lots of love for everyone. I pray you will get the same achievement.
  8. Thanks a lot guys for wishing me!! I hope you all will do great. Lots of love for you mates ❤💛🧡
  9. It was a long journey to completed 1400 feedback in one gig. it's nothing for many top-rated seller but for me it is a big things. so guys if you do hard work and quality work you can do anything in fiverr. good luck guys and pray for me!
  10. I see the forum is full of new sellers desperately wanting for the first order. So many professionals said their point of view, and now I also want to share something with you guys. So I start to form basic. First, you need to create a superb gig. But many sellers always do wrong things, like you are a graphic designer, and your niche is Logo design. It would be best to create some eye-catchy logo design for your gig image, but many of them copy top-rated seller gig images or other designer logo images from online to look great. If you do your gig image in that way, you will never be successful. One day, your gig will be disabled for copyright or your client's report because you copy some gig and your work has no quality like your gig image. Next, you need to upload your handmade logo; if you can't make an awesome logo, learn about it and practice more. I want to say never copy any seller's gig image, gig title, gig image, or anything be unique, not a copycat. It would be best if you were patient. Imagine you are sowing the seeds of a tree. Can you one day make a big tree out of that seed? Will that tree bear fruit one day? You have to wait for the tree to grow. Then you can eat the delicious fruit of that tree. Well, now let's get back to where the tree is. It takes a little more effort to make a tree grow faster, it needs to be taken care of, it needs to be watered well every day, and it needs to be given organic fertilizer to make it grow faster. Like this, if you want to get an order a little fast, then you can take a test from Fiverr. If you check, you will see Fiverr Has a new test option, so participate in the test makes a high score of more than 8. In my opinion, the Fiverr test helps you if you are a new seller; by checking your test result, any client can understand you are a professional one. So be patient, learn more, participate Fiverr test! Good luck 😉
  11. Yes now I understand because I was a old member in fiverr form and come back after a few months later and I see a fully new world so I was curious about it. Thank you!! for your time.
  12. Yes that I want to know. all clear now thanks for your help and I was curios how it works because I was a old member and now newble .... so when I first see it it looks funny so I want to know. BTW thanks again for clear this thins.
  13. No you don't need verify your number every time when you withdraw $ once you verify your number on fiverr setting then just add bank account or payoneer card. and withdraw your $ . simple thing.
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