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  1. HI, I saw your conversation on Below Article, You're very helpful. I've a question btw, How to claim refundable money? assuming I don't have a income tax account but I connected by PAN account  in fiverr in very starting of this thing? 




  2. yes, that we have clarified with support that only if you provide them form 15G/H then only you will be exempted from TCS otherwise they will automatically charge 1% TCS even though you have selected for exempted. That because of taxability for TCS of fiverr.com due to their turnover threshold limit.
  3. if you choose export then you should have GST registration with LUT bond so that you will no need to charge 18%, so ultimately you will be exempted and only 1% TCS will be charged on your payment.
  4. then Let them deduct 1% TCS on your payment, which will be refunded you in next year after filling of income return for year 2021-22.
  5. and yes if you take certificate for exemption from income tax department under form 15G/H then you will get exemption from TCS deduction also, but only if your last year income is under 5 lacs and you expect this year also it will be below 5 lacs.
  6. no there is no requirement of any certificate, it means only exempted from GST, your TCS will be deducted @1% mandatory.
  7. Being a CA, i have client base who work here on fiverr.com, so i have learned at the time of profile updating for taxation purpose that following point you need to consider at the time of profile updating; if you have GST registration then you have two options: 1st option = if your customer base is 100% outsider (means located outside of INDIA), then you should select Export 2nd option = if your customer base is mix (means located outside INDIA and inside INDIA), then you should select Taxable if you have no GST Registration then you have to select Exempt, as in this option also there will be 1% deduction from you payments major services will not attract Reverse Charge option. Note : PAN number should be mentioned otherwise there will be 5% deduction from your payment, which will be not refundable to you.
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