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  1. HI, I saw your conversation on Below Article, You're very helpful. I've a question btw, How to claim refundable money? assuming I don't have a income tax account but I connected by PAN account  in fiverr in very starting of this thing? 




  2. Yeah whatever, you don’t help us here, you don’t help us there for sure
  3. My Client placed two order instead of one by mistake, I created a ticket on support telling its not my fault and cancel order and don’t affect my cancellation request. For straight two day fiverr Support told me: we don’t cancel order because issue isn’t related to your account and only response to client request. They clearly Denied helping me or cancelling order even thought I send them screenshot of client admitting, he placed by mistake and want to cancel order, order placed on my account so clearly its a issue related to my account. Third day I created a new ticket and this time client sent me cancellation request as well, they instead of helping me merging my old ticket and new ticket Fourth day I told them “You got time to merge ticket but not to cancel order”, they replied with another stupid reply “We sent ticket to respective department” Its been many days and I’m waiting for there reply, Even my order automatically going to cancel because I didn’t respond to request. I made 10+ thread on this forum about how bad fiverr support and I’ll say my whole life “Worlds worst support”, its been 3 year on fiverr, Fiverr support didn’t helped me on a single issue on single request. I created 15+ tickets so far and only 3-4 of them solved. Fiverr support sucks, fiverr support bad, I hate fiverr support. If this is the condition of a level 2 seller I can’t imagine pain of other seller…
  4. I’m 12%, But I definitely Want my Client base to spread to multiple countries
  5. I also not told my friends about fiverr, but when I told them they be like " teach me to do same and earn some money online", I told them to watch youtube video and take some udemy course and they be like “why don’t you teaches us”. I myself learned online everything and I don’t know how to tell them that teaching isn’t my thing and is a complicated business. Although, this doesn’t affect our friendship.
  6. 2020 teached us that, no job is permanent no matter how good your company is. I’m following this forum from a long time I’ve seen top rated sellers getting ban for even there fault. So, Even if you’re doing good work or following fiverr policy someday maybe you can face there wrath. I got a warning on 1 jan because a client pissed and false reported me, Even though fiverr took back warning but this incident teaches me that fiverr will never be my full time job.
  7. If You’d One Steam of Income than you’re one step away from Poverty, I don’t recommend you fiverr as full time work
  8. If SEO isn’t part of Your GIG and you delivered things which your promised than explain seller that “this is out of your expertise”. Fiverr support Can’t cancel your order because you’d proof that you completed order and seller satisfy By Your work.
  9. According to fiverr: “Fiverr’s Editorial Team manually reviews new Gigs and handpicks them based on quality and potential. We have certain criteria according to which we decide the Gigs that will be handpicked.”
  10. My Order completion rate stucked at 91% even thought I delivered more than 10 order in last 10 days but it still 91%. Is this some dirty trick used by fiverr to keep us in check to maintain fear of demotion?
  11. CS only respond to give you warning or ban you for stupid reason.
  12. fiverr support literally don’t exist
  13. Suddenly All my Gig Impression Dropped to 0, some of then even getting 500 imp/day yesterday but today all gig imp showing 0. Don’t tell me to contact fiverr support because they don’t exist already got 3 ticket pending from a month. Is it temp. or something else?
  14. they’re useless I am waiting for them for 10 days to fix my problem and no reply so far
  15. one ticket is enough … there’s no need to spam them They’re for different order not same
  16. I got four ticket pending, but fiverr support isn’t helping. its been 22 days since I created ticket but look like no one at home. Buyer keep screwing my profile but fiverr support look like isn’t there. What Should I do? Maybe Fiverr owner reduced staff for keep more earning to himself. I’m planing to leave this site, if a level one seller can’t get help imagine situation of new seller
  17. Some Good luck symbol in my culture are “bluethroat” , “Lord Ganesha (Elephant God)” and “Swastika and Om Symbol”
  18. Fiverr wouldn’t do anything because you didn’t break any rules. You cagoule just say something like “apologies for the delayed reply during the night. We are in different time zones therefore there might be slight delay in replies. You can also see my current time at the top of our chat under my name. “ I told me that you can check my last chat time but he keep calling me fraud and saying that I did this purposely to him. for now I cancelled order and block him
  19. I came across this buyer, he placed order at night and I Was up till 1AM to convince him to place order than He didn’t so I go to sleep. In morning, I found out that he placed order and asking for cancellation because I wan’t responding to his chat. He call me fraud and saying that I am ignoring him after placing order and a lot of disrespectful things. I have to cancel order but my order completion rate is down. I told him I am not a fraud I didn’t able to reply because its night here, than he say “you’re lying it not night here, everybody commit fraud on fiverr and you’re not an angel and i reported you to fiverr support” I contacted support on other matter 15 days back but still not reply and I am assuming they aren’t going to reply this time too. If anyone from fiverr staff seeing this please help.
  20. Welcome to Fiverr forum. Here some Things you need to keep in mind to Get First Sale. 1.) Write Useful Gig Title and Description and Use Relevant Images 2.) ***** 3.) Keep eye on Buyer request and Offer relevant offer 4.) Make New Gig for more exposer Thanks Mod Note: Breach of TOS advice and myth removed
  21. Try to Stay Online, Keep Sending Buyer Request. I get my First Order After Sending 350 Buyer Request
  22. I am level one seller and I also haven’t get any custom offer. All my buyer’s from buyer request
  23. I message them yesterday, haven’t got anything and evolution is tomorrow.
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