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  1. I have so much experience 5+years plus in this. But only 6 reviews, all 5 stars. I upped my price from $5 to $50 per words because I was tired of being undervalued and now I've lost my starting clients. I've dropped back to $10 per 500 words as realised it was too much of a jump but I'm getting no messages or anything? Is this going to impact the algorithm? It's so so competitive, when would you change prices if you still want to be valued properly
  2. Do you know how you can make sure it's set up to based on word count of "up to 500 words" for example
  3. Hi! Thanks for commenting. So I think i will do that. Have it as up to 2,000 words and then the higher packages like you say with the extra stuff. But then is there a way to turn off the buyers functionality to type their own word count (where it says 500 in this case)??? That would be really helpful!!
  4. How often do buyer requests get published i have to keep refreshing it, id rather a push notification notify me when a new request has been published? And why is my push notification for 'buyer request' not working? i dont look and then 4 appear when i check, and then i miss them in 5 minutes.
  5. question about packaging and word counts https://www.fiverr.com/katiecontentseo/write-your-blog-optimised-for-organic-traffic I set up basic, standard and premium thinking that the higher the level, the more words it would have and that's how I can charge more. But now there's nothing stopping someone using the basic package and typing 1000 or 2000 words there in the basic package you can see on my gig above, instead of paying the premium package which is more expensive. Is it better to set up your basic, standard and premiums by including things other than the word counts ie, SEO keywords on the standard (but not basic) and then SEO keyword research for the premium? So, can you set the gig so the word count is fixed (tier 1 500w, tier 2 1k, tier 3, 2k w) and if they want more then it's a custom quote. I'm confused
  6. I've delivered my first order, early - do you get notified if they approve it, and if they're not totally happy, do you get notified that they've asked for a revision, or do they just cancel or message you or want a refund? I want to be available should they need it.
  7. When is a good time point for reflection? Obviously, the longer the better - I've literally only been here 6 days, and I've got 628 impressions and 18 clicks, but no orders yet. (one has asked for a custom order, but we'll see..). How often do you guys review gig performance?
  8. I've got 6 gigs as a writer and typist and have only been here 5 days. I have 400 impressions and a few clicks but no orders. Is that good or bad or normal a week in?
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