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  1. Gig impressions are back,So any new feature is introduced or not?
  2. is there any benefit to stay online on fiverr all day ?
  3. how to check your gig position/page? is there any gig position checker site?
  4. Big Changes in Gig Analytics.Is it true? can anyone confirm that? and what are the major changes? https://www.fiverr.com/ad_design21?up_rollout=true WhatsApp Image 2020-06-12 at 9.49.57 PM720×448 15.9 KB
  5. Is AUTO Refrehser is legal on fiverr to make your page updated?
  6. why did you deliver if you didn’t have enough instructions… ? I belive it’s your fault in this case i asked for cancellation but he didn’t accept it? any solution now?
  7. buyer give me 1 star rating and ruin my account, as he didn’t send me all requirements.So I can’t able to deliver the required work,what to do now? any suggestions?
  8. no it shows your work is in revision section.
  9. Just submit the order,if buyer needs any change he/she must contact you for revisions.
  10. And if she thinks it as a basic, ask her what she really wants and give it one more try if you think you can fullfill! if Job done matches order requirements you should decline cancellations and seek help from CS ! but i didn’t want to work with her again.
  11. no designs are really good,even i was expecting a positive response but she send a dispute
  12. Buyer said designs are basic and send a dispute even I do a lot of effort a whole day,what should I do now?
  13. don’t accpet her cancellation request and must report the buyer
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