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Found 15 results

  1. Hi. I'm a multimedia artist and a seller on fiverr. I joined back in 2016, sold gigs on and off but, now, since last year, I've been more active and selling my services for full-time. My question is, as I have been experiencing this problem for quite a while, most buyers come and inquire about things and they try to negotiate (like buying a diamond in price of silver) and then they don't place an order or accept the offer rather insist on not accepting the offer until the work is done. In short they argue and then ask for work in advance without accepting the offer. Even though I request them to check my portfolio and feedback on profile if they have any trust issues. The number of such buyers is increasing day by day in my experience. If i keep reporting them or ignoring em all then how am i going to land potential buyers? Please suggest me, what is the solution to such non-serious or fraudulent (excuse this harsh word) buyers who waste your time and energy. Thank you
  2. How to recognize a fake buyer?
  3. what should i do, 🥸when i face the fake buyer and how can i find out fake buyer🤔
  4. I was recently contacted by a buyer who has the blue "Fiverr Business Client" tag. However, his account has no pfp, 0 reviews, and was created in July 2022 (the current month). He's asking for a sampled beat from me, but included very suspicious sounding background context about a large business deal proposition, referring to it as a "contractable agreement" (See attatched screenshots). I explained that I'd be happy to work on an order from my gig for him to start off, because I'm not gonna work outside of fiverr after just meeting him. He's now asking for a sample prior to even making an order, and requesting that I lower my prices ($25 is my highest bundle, so already very low). This obviously screams scam to me, but my only hesitation comes from the "Business Client" tag that he has. After further investigation about fiverr business users, I noticed that they are monitored and regulated which wouldn't make sense that he is verified as one. I'm wondering if I should just ignore/report this guy or if he is somehow reputable. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello... Forum members, Now, I'm facing a new problem that is buyer issues. Recently, the United States buyer sent me a message for the project. At first, he had request me to sent a sample for this project. I'm interested to work for that's why I had to agree with him for a sample and he did respond. When finishing my sample work after one hour later, I have already submit my sample but two day's have been passed, he didn't respond yet. What can I do for next step? Please give me a better suggestion or inspiration which is helpful for me in future work.Thanks.
  6. The buyer scamming me. i complete the order & worked 24 hrs. But after delivery buyer says that refund me otherwise i will give you 1 star. so what to do in this situation?
  7. Hey, Has anyone else been contacted by a buyer looking to purchase a very sceptical pop-up ad? I'm 99.9% sure this will be used to scam old people over the phone out of their retirement. My question is, as a fiverr seller, what do you think about buyers like this? Would you complete this order, or do we have a moral obligation to refuse? screen-20220320-015500_2.mp4
  8. I Notice not only one but many sellers have this problem that many people place an order without discussing about their work and then he or she want to cancel his order just because of seller don't work according to buyer or seller don't provide that work which buyer want..and just because of this seller has to cancel his order and it will affect of seller profile and ranking..soo please it's a request to Fiverr team to Make a Feature for Seller also. That Seller's have a Option To Accept or Reject Order and if seller reject order so it won't be count as order and if seller appect order then only it will be count as order. Thank You Soo Much
  9. last day i complete one pakistani client order and delivery the work. he is a developer too. he technically migrate the website form his domain to another domain and blame me that i delete the website and broke his trust . he want to cancel the order . which is totally false statement . what can i do now?
  10. Buyer place an order and he didn't inform me before placing , I have ask him that he didn't see that I written in my gig discription that please message me before placing order .so I said him please cancel the order. Because he want me to done his work in very low price but his work /requirements are not match with my gig price and requirements than he dispute the order and written that seller can't do this job. Now he want me to cancel the order myself.if I cancel the order it will harm my analytic. Please help me what should I do now???
  11. 2 days ago I got an order from a buyer, he asked me to make 2 videos on a specific topic. I completed the order and sent to him, he asked me for many revisions and I made it. Now he is asking for 4 more videos with the same budget, or else he asking me to cancel the order. What do I do? I need your support.
  12. Hi! Yesterday I received the email from Fiverr that Your order with aqadeerserwer was cancelled by our customer service team. The funds from this order were returned to the buyer. To review the reason for this cancellation, click here. And I am unable to to click on the click here link that Fiverr sends me. I am very worried about this situation. Last time when I contacted with the Fiverr support I explained all the situation but after 3 weeks when Order is completed and client give me 4.7 rating and good feedback Fiverr refund all the money without my permission. I explained all things with fiverr support and he is new buyer and after project is completed and he showed his work to the boss then after 3 weeks he did changes in project and contact fiverr to refund and fiverr just supports buyers not sellers he give him refund. I am on this platform since 3 years and Level 2 seller and my rating is 5 star then you can realize that fiverr only support buyers he is totally new and still fiverr give favor to him. I am really goes into the depression and worried that loyal and hard working seller like me spend 20+ days on this project put my effort and then still after the project is completed and buyer give me feedback fiverr still give him refund from my balance. Its force me to think about to leave this platform because if platform didn't care the hardworking and loyal seller then why i worked on this platform. If today this is happened to me then its happened again in future because any buyer after the project is completed and after few weeks he did changes in the project contact fiverr and fiverr give him refund from your balance and it doesn't matter you provide a video proof that project is working fine and i am loyal because fiverr only support buyers!!! Buyer said me after 3 weeks "Never seen such bad programming" He is insulting me and hurt my self respect but still fiverr support buyer not consider my effort and told me reasons and follow so that you avoid cancellation. I am really exhausted!!!! I am really disappointed!!!!! And consider to leave this platform because now there is no security and favor for sellers!!! ____________________________Last Message__________________________________________________ HI Bob, Let me explain all the matter in detail. Ben send me the requirement document (New PHP form to MySQL project) of the project then i asked questions from him so that all things will be clear. As shown in (question1.jpg, question2.jpg, question3.jpg, question4.jpg). He said to me not do the pdf part and do as i said. He send me (image.png) where he marked and said not do this part ignore it (not do pdf part.JPG). After that I started my work and deliver the project and do some revisions as I did for my clients so that he will be completely satisfy with my work. And he is also satisfied with my work and gave me 4.7 rating and nice feedback on 27 MAY 2021. (As show in feedback.jpg) Then he messaged me on June 1 2021 after the delivery he said to me that there is lots of errors and stuff like that as he already approved the project. If he has some issues then why he approved the delivery. But still after the order is completed I do revision and send him the updated version of the project.(After delivery.jpg) So after that he again messaged me and said that generate the pdf (As shown in said now to generate pdf.jpg). And said i will contact fiverr and he will refund me. He is now teasing me to refund after the delivery. As the start of the project also I mention above he said me not do pdf part ignore this (not do pdf part.jpg). But still I again work on this project and add the pdf part also and send him the updated version. (As shown in pdf add.jpg) Then he said to me I have (NEVER SEEN SUCH BAD PROGRAMMING). These word's really hurts me. I did my best and put my effort in this project and now he said to me never seen such bad programming (As shown in teasing me.jpg). After that he said me I already contacted fiverr actually he wants only refund because his project is completed so he just blaming me so that he got the refund. As project is done and he is now teasing me so i blocked him. (As show in block reason.jpg). I am Level 2 seller on fiverr and no one gave me negative review (As shown in clients feedback.jpg) because I am Professional and did my best to satisfy my clients because i care my all clients. And he said me i have never seen such bad programming. That's really hurt me!!! I don't want to give him refund as I did my best and do all the additions, updates in this project. I also send you the project video. Now tell me bob what i did wrong he taunting me to refund and said "Never Seen such Bad Programming". He is not professional as he don't know how to talk with persons. I am Instructor also and made courses for my students so that he also start freelancing. I also make a short course on fiverr freelancing where i promote fiverr to students how great fiverr platform is for freelancing. My instructor profile: https://www.udemy.com/user/abdul-qadeer-15/ Now tell me bob I am not professional and don't know programming? Why he said to me never seen such bad programming. Bob I try my best to explain you each and everything!!! Hope now you understand all the situation clearly!!! Thanks!!! ----------------Last Message------------------------------ I don't want to give him refund and kindly resolve this issue. I am really disappointed that as a Seller we did efforts on completing the project under the Fiverr strict rules and now we still worry when order is completed and clients gives us review fiverr still take our money and refund to the client just supports to the client and no care to the seller. I am really disappointed!!!!
  13. Hi I’ve got a message from buyer and after discussing duties he sent me training videos, buyer profile has no info, no description, no reviews. How can I know he’s for real or a scam
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