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  1. Could it be something to do with buyer discount? Sometimes buyers get discount codes from Fiverr and on order it shows wrong amount, even you earn actual amount at the end. I had that problem few times before.
  2. When we get new order without any chat before, ofc we reply.
  3. If there is chat before placing an order, there is no point of chatting anymore on order page unless you need additional info. I agree that sellers should answer buyers when they ask them something, but if you have all the info for order, I don’t see point of chatting all the time. Many sellers are working on order till they are done and then they are chatting whatever they need. @mariashtelle1 is completely right about it
  4. It does kill it. It has alcohol in it and we are using this combination for years so I know about it. I wonder what smell you get from all that combination, but I bet it is better then just vinegar.
  5. Like other already mention, soaps are great for hands, no matter what type. But, if you need disinfection for some items (eg. door knobs and anything else), if you don’t have alcohol ofc, you can use vinegar, or better to say, vinegar+citric acid (it can be lemon if you don’t have) and water. But, in all of that, vinegar is most important. I know it doesn’t smell good, but it is good disinfection. I am using it as I couldn’t find anything else in stores.
  6. You summed all revenues and funds cleared and got 652. You can’t sum order revenue and funds cleared as both could be same order. For example, you have order revenue $28 and 14 days later you have funds cleared $28. That is same order.
  7. What to do with day extra this year considering there are 366 days? I guess that day is for break… And like others already mention, why you would want to be online all the time? It is common myth that it will bring you more order and after all, you can’t be online all the time and looking for lying about it is not good for business
  8. @maitasun Just trying “random”… Tooter Turtle? lol
  9. Okay, after reading everything, I saw something at beginning. In one hand… Buyer asked for source file, actually (eps) and they ordered basic gig that only includes jpg and png. Therefore, buyer needed to order extra that includes source files and not just images. (unless eps isn’t source file, then apologies for that) On another hand. OP really needs to change packages as they are really confusing and they needed to communicate better with the buyer. Buyer clearly said to send them offer and OP said to order themselves. And also, why OP said $5 for source files for 2 days when she has $20 gig for that is beyond me. You don’t offer anywhere source files for $5 and yet again you said buyer that. It is natural that buyer ordered just $5 gig as they didn’t need this in 24 hours. If you really needed 24 hours more, you could say something like: “Can we extend delivery time since we agreed $5 and 2 days at first before you wanted extra fast delivery?”. And not like you did “I want you to make…”. It looks like you “attacked” buyer with this. They simply couldn’t order $5 gig with 2 days delivery if you don’t have gig like that.
  10. Sorry to hear about this, but look this on “bright side”: They removed your gig but you didn’t get warning to it. So basically, you didn’t lose anything as if they issue you an warning, you would still need to remove your gig and with warning you could lose level. So, would you like better just warning and lose your level (and you would need to remove your gig)? Or would you like it better if they just removed your gig (what they did)?
  11. Buyer probably used 10% discount on gig extra and that is $10 difference. You will get full amount at the end, regardless what it is calculating there
  12. Thread should be closed after some time, maybe a month (or more) after last reply, that way thread resurrection will not happen.
  13. For delivering work is fine, they even mention somewhere before if files are big, we can use dropbox. But, this case is sharing portfolio and that is different thing. Only links for portfolios that are allowed are the ones @vickiespencer shared
  14. Response rate is based on your first reply in 24 hours. You don’t need to be last to reply after all messages, only first message counts.
  15. Oh, @arty182925! 😆 All gone… lol And welcome @premiumdd
  16. She might be a pro and doesn’t even know that only pro can have calls.
  17. That is probably it. Old orders can’t be automatically completed. I have few orders that are just “delivered”. CS told me before that only buyer can mark it as completed due old order. They never told me how much time needs to pass on revision for order to become like that tho.
  18. Was this old order that was in revision for long time? And you delivered it recently?
  19. But you won’t make sales if you sleep. Fiverr’s like Santa. It sees you when you’re sleeping. It knows when you’re awake. 🎶 Is it Devil Wears Prada? :thinking: Yeah, you are correct
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