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  1. yes its a new update you can watch this video for solution!
  2. read this https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010396117?segment=business
  3. Hello, i saw a new thing today after i reopen my account after 15 days.when i try to saved a gig (someone’s) it says you can only save 150 gigs in a list? what is this? i need help regarding this!
  4. Hello Folks, today i go through YouTube and i saw video with fivlytics and info. i just want to know is this extension legit for fiverr sellers?
  5. Hello Fiverrians; hope you all doing and having good time with fiverr. I am here with another post to have your opinion about the increment in withdraw limit. i think its an unnecessary modification fiverr added. what is the benefit odf this to sellers? your opinion needed guys have a great day thanks.
  6. Hello folks; i am level 2 seller on fiverr right now but my ratings are a bit down and i might drop level 2 and 1 badges soon. its because of this recent lock-down i moved to my village where there is very limited internet access and i got 4 orders there and i wasn’t able to complete and deliver them on time and this results in my order completion and delivery on time rate down. and now i moved back to city but i am not getting orders. what should i do… i have worked hard to get level 2 badge and my family is also very happy for this but i might loose this badge soon and this thought hurts me daily… please help me with your suggestions. thanks
  7. no i didnt did any such thing…i am working for more tha a year and dfidnt do such things ,…but don’t know why?
  8. no ididnt ask them for review i just write this Please if your happy then mark the order complete and left your feedback on order? is there anything wrong?
  9. hello guys i need urgent help today i got a message from fiverr that my account was flaged? because i am sending spam messages? but i didnt!! is there anything i am doing wrong? i am only sending messages to my clients about projects and to complete the order if they are happy with final product or i ask tem to left feedback only on the order! is there anything wrong? please help
  10. yeah! you’re right. it means 90 is best
  11. its been year i am working on fiverr and i think the minimum ''response rate,Delivered on time rate and order completion rate" should be 80 rather than 90%. i think it will be helpfull for All level of sellers? what you think?
  12. Hello Guyz what happened to my account? few minutes ago when i tried to refresh my account theu say “access denied” and now i logged in my account succesfully? please help?
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