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  1. Thanks for your advise! I will be confident and will continue doing my job as I am doing. Your words inspired me a lot! Love you, bro!
  2. There is nothing wrong with your account. It’s a very small percentage of sellers who owns the top rated seller badge. There are hundred times more sellers who have already reached these requirements, but it’s a very hard journey. You are not guaranteed to ever get rewarded with the Top Rated Seller. Thanks for the information bro!
  3. So why are you even creating this topic, if you do know that it’s manual. We can not do anything: we are forum users, buyers, sellers. Not some sort of CS. Yes, I know you guys cannot do anything but those who are already top-rated here may help me to figure out what is wrong with my account, can’t they?
  4. Already done that, They said that, this a manual process and advised me to follow the top rated sellers how they created there account/gigs. But followed them too but I didn’t get any wrong with my gigs. They must give some accurate guideline what to do!
  5. Hi there, I have already achieved the goal to be top-rated but I am not being promoted. I know this is a manual process but I want to know what is the reasons behind not to promote me. Can Anyone help me out! This is my account link if you need it. Note: All the requirements a completed over almost a year. Thanks! ss1490×886 66.4 KB
  6. Same problem in my case too. I think the gig are active still active if you already filled the form previously. So, no worries. It may be a bug!
  7. Yes, The fiverr message box is not letting the seller to send message. It will be solved soon I guess!
  8. Today while I was going to request a withdrawal it show 120 euro less than my account has. My account has 1486 euro. But while requesting it shows 1366 euros. Anyone know why this happened or this is normal? Please help me regarding this issue. I already informed the CS but they didn’t reply yet. Thanks!
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