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  1. But you know ? Its Fictional 🙂 and that should work well with it ! I am glad that your client loved it and so do I !
  2. This looks great, and colors that your eye like watching ! Only thing that bothers me is if those trees are proportionate right or not ?! they look too big to me !
  3. You need to be more specific on what actually happened ! Is he asking for refund ? Or he already took his money back by cancelling order or charge back ?
  4. I am not talking about reporting him for his messages and blackmailing you, what I am asking is did they give you the reason for cancellation ? You know buyer alone can not cancel order him self unless its charge back or fiverr CS cancelled it on his behalf ?
  5. Did you get a notification of Fiverr CS cancelled that order? If not that may be chargeback case! In case fiverr CS cancelled that order there must be a reason that they can explain you when you reach to them, If Its chargeback you can still open a ticket for that with fiverr CS and they may compensate you for your work, Buyer got their account block if its charge back for no reason! I guess all questions are answered with that !! But you need to take a step to get an actual resolution bye opening a ticket with fiverr CS. PS - You posted your topic in wrong category , It should be in Your Fiverr Experience !
  6. If he hasn't placed any order yet you don't need to worry about your cancellation rate, Just block him as @francescaabb said ! He would still be able to place an order though but you know what, he has to pay the amount of the actual gig and you don't have to accept bargain thing any more ! In case he places smaller amount of order and asks for lot of things, Just ask him to add extras or inform fiver CS about that and they will cancel the order on behalf of you the way it wont hurt your cancellation rate ! If you actually don't want to work with him any more and it costs you your mental peace, just let him go !
  7. They are deducting Tax on behalf of your government ! Its TDS they are charging for ! Your government is deducting tax from your income and its refundable if you are paying tax !
  8. Just Edit your gig and publish again , You may have few reviews on that gig that may help buyer to chose you! Deleting a gig and recreating it would be exactly same, I see no difference in them ! Just edit it, replace old tags and description with new and may be brand new attractive gig portfolio images would add help !
  9. I wonder why you didn't ask for the other ways if buyer requests are not the only way 😕
  10. Unfortunately that is not true ! There is no specific way to rank your gig on first page ! Fiverr search result are vary and there is no fixed place for any of gig but they keep changing its place every time someone searches !
  11. Install fiverr Application on your mobile phone it will defiantly help you improve your response rate..
  12. She already replied ! Ratings are tied to your account… Even if you delete the whole gig, that rating will be there. You have no control over rating to be shown or to be deleted so let it be and move on with next order…
  13. Well ! So I guess it’s not just me…but it’s that people haven’t checked it yet !
  14. I have combined them in one…sorry if its confusing So left side column is of my April earning and difference and right side one is for my current month earnings and difference, So I am facing this since April
  15. More I earn bigger the difference is ! so it was initially $5-10 but now $80…I hope its bug just in visuals 😃
  16. I guess so ! Yet I haven’t check my total income with that figures because it too difficult for me calculate and lots of orders… I think it’s just wrong digits and I am getting paid the original amount I am earning…But now you said this so I have to give it more time and have to check for that too…and may be you too ? Do you see different amount on your dashboard and Analytics page ?
  17. I didn’t get what one page show and one not… I actually check for tax thing as well…my total TDS is $ 38.03 and that is not even closer to the difference of both pages…later I thought it may be Tips that they are not calculating on dash board but I guess that’s not the case as well…and if it is It must be shown on both page so I know how much I made in a month 😕
  18. My dashboard and my analytics page shows different earning for the month ! I am attaching the screen shots… (P.S I have combined 4 screenshots in one to make it easier to understand…left side column is of last month and right side one is of current month ) 1729×314 21.4 KBSo I already have a ticket for this and its been 25 days now and I am still waiting for the solution… I just want to know if any body is facing this issue ? Does anybody know why and what is this ?
  19. :thinking: Congratulations !!! For defining scammers’ region by sentence ! PS: And giving a seller label of ‘SCAMMER’ without knowing actual truth !
  20. That must be TDS ! Check your earnings tab and you will sea TDS and section under what they are charging that, Its not they( fiverr ) but your Government charges you !
  21. Just go to fiverr CS and explain them what you experienced ! Show them your description and Copied image from google that seller shared you and they will help you out in cancelling order on your behalf !
  22. You must be promoted to trust level on fiverr FORUM !! Fiverr freelancing platform and forum are not interconnected so it has nothing to do with your sales ! So it’s NO !
  23. This April was one of my best moth on the fiverr and May is almost going to hit the target, I had to turn on OOO mode thrice in last two months because of lots of inquiries and overloaded work !
  24. Its not auto reply but its quick reply that you have to send manually !
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