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GiG status Incomplete


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The buyer ordered a gig but didn’t start yet. What will happen if he will not start and how long will it stay in my dashboard? Can’t find him, may be offline forever or don’t replying me 😕 is this something related to cancellation or not?

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As long as the gig didn´t start yet, there´s no reason to worry.

If he wanted to cancel, he´d send a cancellation request, else he can´t get a refund.

As you already messaged him about it, I´d wait for them to make the next move now, don´t message him too much/often. A seller posted that he got a bad review because the buyer felt that he had messaged him too often a while ago, so be careful with that.

In case they will reply and say they don´t know how to start the order, maybe this can help you:
favicon.icoFiverr Forum default-apple-touch-icon.png

Troubleshooting: ORDER STATUS ‘INCOMPLETE’ – How to help your buyer to get it to...

It happens. Your buyer is new to fiverr, their English isn´t perfect, they haven´t ordered a gig asking for requirements yet, they got lost in the forest of dashboard pages, they can´t find their way back to the requirement page after their internet...

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