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New to Fiverr (Looking for a enthusiastic artist for Amino)

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Hi, I’m new to fiverr. I’m not a seller but I’m actually looking for a good illustrator to help my Amino become more appealing.

It’s a Rick and Morty Amino, (btw if you’re a fan you’re more than welcome to join)
I’ll post the link below.
I honestly would rather someone who is familiar with the show to do the illustration so they understand the humor…but surprise me.

What I need is 2 backgrounds, a banner and a logo for the application.

So of course both of the backgrounds will consist of the characters Rick and Morty.
I need a realistic illustration and I need it to be a punk rock theme. Yep. I need a punk rock Morty and a punk rock Rick. Background colors should be dark.
On one background I need the text “Hardcore Rick and Morty Fans” on the top of the picture.
On the next background image, I need just the text Rick and Morty. Also on the top of the picture. Font colors should match the theme.

For the banner, I just need the text "Rick and Morty"
Background colors and text should be dark to match the theme.

For the logo, I just need the text to say Hardcore Rick and Morty Fans Amino.
The text needs to be centered and needs to fit. Look at some applications on your phone to decipher how big. The background dark as well. Maybe a portal.

My price range is about $100.00. So I am looking for someone who can guarantee an almost near perfect job in creating these pictures for me.

If interested, please contact me for reference pictures.
Amino URL: [unapproved URL removed]

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