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  1. Have you ever offered discounts or promos for your gigs? I created this one to celebrate 2018. What do you think about it?
  2. Hello! My Payoneer card is about to expire, I already have my new one but I want to know if I need to change something here about the card info or if it is not necessary. Thanks.
  3. I think you should ask just to make sure it wasn’t a mistake
  4. My last name is Salazar so, Slytherin it is!
  5. My buyers are pretty awesome too! I’m glad to find great buyers here 🙂
  6. Actually there are many buyers that would understant the issue. I just hope she can solve the problem without affecting her delivery rate.
  7. Try to ask for a time extension in order to wait for the CS response.
  8. Kinda low but I know it is because my gigs are not that “popular”.
  9. He told you it was a mistake? Maybe you can do something “for free” ?
  10. I’m sorry the seller cancelled. Sadly I think they can’t send the refund to your credit card, you will have it as fiverr credit.
  11. I don’t need more work, I need more money 😢 lol
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