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Virus/Malware question [Resolved]


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I use chrome, despite Windows repeatedly telling me that Edge is better…

@eoinfinnegan @misscrystal Seems like everyone uses chrome, you could try firefox, but I just think it is probably just an aggressive tracking cookies, or similar. I use ublock origin on chrome with a bunch of filter lists including a few privacy lists, so I think that it is probably blocking the cookies for me, so that is probably why I am not getting the alert.

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I’m using firefox.

Response fr fiverr customer support:

Thank you for your patience and sorry for this taking so long. It seems that the issue is on Avast end and we are good.

Please see forum page: https://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=197572.0

We’re here if you need more help.

Thanks for that, I have included it in the original post.

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