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  1. I recommend checking out this handy Fiverr blog article! Good luck!
  2. Yes, I have tried that and even selected very specific filters that have always brought up my profile. It’s really odd. It’s disappointing because ever since I noticed the issue, my sales have dropped by about 75%! I am glad that Fiverr support have acknowledged the issue at least. Hoping for a quick resolution. There are others that this is happening to as well!
  3. Totally! I actually had a similar issue and my ticket is still open with Fiverr Support. My gig appears to be appear and disappear from Fiverr search with no explanation. Fiverr Support acknowledged the issue and have been working on it for a few months now. I’ve experienced a major reduction in sales, but they keep saying they are working on it. I’ve checked in every 2 weeks or so.
  4. I’ve been on Fiverr since 2010 and if there is one thing I have noticed, orders will come in waves. Fluctuations are normal. I recommend looking through buyer requests during down times. Share your gig on social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. ). Try and be patient even though it’s tough waiting. Make sure you have the mobile app and you are set to online. Refresh your dashboard every now and then so the system knows you are still online! Good luck!
  5. Hi Everyone! I am aware of the Fiverr search glitch that is currently being investigated, however, I am noticing what might be a different issue. My online status is toggled on in the iOS app and my Fiverr account on my desktop is logged in and active. I appear and disappear from Fiverr search multiple times throughout the day even when I set all the search parameters such as service options, seller details, delivery time, budget and online seller. My question is, have any of you experienced this issue with your account? Thanks a lot! Michael
  6. Try optimizing the gig tile, search tags, and description. Another thing to do is make sure you have a video. Lastly, make sure your pricing is competitive. Hope this helps!
  7. One of the best methods for me has been optimizing the gig tile, search tags, and description. The other really beneficial thing to do is make sure you have a video. It’s clearly a very important gig optimization factor in Fiverr’s search algorithm. Lastly, make sure your pricing is competitive. Hope this helps!
  8. I wonder what is taking so long and how long it will take. Best of luck to you!
  9. Yes, they acknowledged the issue and are working on a fix. The ticket is still open and they have been working on it for about a month and a half. They will update me once it’s fixed.
  10. Hi Everyone, I noticed that my sales dropped more than the regular sales trend around the end of August. I did some research and noticed that my gig would not show up the way it used to when applying very specific features. In fact, it would not appear at all. I reached out to Fiverr support and they acknowledged the issue. I wanted to share this with you just in case you happened to notice the issue with your account. Thanks! Michael
  11. I just got a ticket saying two orders were closed worth $320. I really believe Fiverr support should push back against the bank that got the dispute and show proof of the buyer ordering services. It’s pretty disappointing that this is happening to hard working sellers.
  12. I agree with @jonbaas. Something I’ve learned is to be honest with your service and offerings. If you truly want to give unlimited revisions, be prepared for buyers to request many! It’s usually a bad idea to just mention you give unlimited revisions just to make a sale.
  13. Same thing happened to me. Once you edit a gig, it gets pulled off of search and then gets indexed a couple days later!
  14. I thought so! ha! I thought I was dreaming or something. That would be really great if they bring that back again. They should partner up with Coinbase.
  15. I’ve seen people discussing Bitcoin here on Fiverr but no solid info on whether or not Fiverr will be offering bitcoin as a payment option to sellers. Does anyone have any info on this? I think it would be great to have that option!
  16. Make sure your gig description is detailed, clear and genuine. Add a video to your gig. Check your tags and make changes if needed. Use social media to promote your gig or gigs! Good luck and don’t give up! Michael
  17. Sure! What I like to do during the slow sales period is review all my active gigs and look into the analytics. I adjust the title, description, tags and prices, if needed. I also like to review my processes and see where I need to update softwares. I also take the time to contribute to to the community right here on the forum. You are already doing that! One of the more recent things I’ve done is provide a temporary promo for the month of December. This can be offered within a current gig you already have or by simply creating a new gig. Hope this helps!
  18. I don’t believe you can do that. I would reach out to Fiverr support and clarify just to be sure! support.fiverr.com. Thanks!
  19. Overall, it was down a bit for me, but not my a huge amount. It slowed down towards the end of December when Christmas came around. It already started picking back up as we get close to the end of the year. In all the years on Fiverr (since 2010), I’ve noticed a slump in sales during December. It always picks up. The best thing i’ve done is stop worrying about the daily sales and just look at my monthly averages. I try and play the long game. Good luck to everyone!
  20. Yes, most categories face the same issue. I’ve been on Fiverr since 2010 and notice a trend when it comes to December. January usually comes around with strong sales. I usually like to take the opportunity to tweak my gigs (if needed) and my process. I also take advantage of the nice break and relax a bit. Wish everyone the best of luck!
  21. Sorry for your loss in the family :(. Hope you’re doing okay.
  22. @wasi0013 - has this been resolved? Curious what the status is!
  23. Congrats!! That is very exciting! Happy for you 🙂
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